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At eCareerCoaching.com I live for the call or email after a client lands a new job. You know the one – it goes like this: “I got the job!”

As I always say – I’m the second guy you call when you get that news. (Of course, the first one is your spouse or significant other.)

Simply put, I deliver outstanding results across all types of Career Trajectory Coaching services. I can just refresh your resume. Or coach you on the interview process. We can provide you with coaching and preparation for the overall job search process. I can also provide you with my Job Search process guidebook and associated templated materials, so you can do it yourself.

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Highly Skilled Career Coaching

The rules have changed again, and we can show you how to play this new game. Job search coaching for the middle manager to the CxO suite.

We are honored to have helped over 850 people since 2003, and we look forward to helping you, too.

Self – Branding

This shows a pair of tennis shoes facing a pair of wingtips. The point of this image is to show a visitor that we can help you regardless of your level or position - although we specialise in the mid-to sr-level management roles that are facing ageism.
No matter what type of shoes you wear, we can help with your job search.

We help you, the job seeker, design and define a clear brand identity that will carry you through your entire life.

Resume Design

Image of a printed document entitled "Resumé." Also a pair of glasses sits at the top of the document.
Whether you need a resume refresh, or an entire campaign overhaul, we can help.

Experts in the job search process, we craft award-winning, cutting-edge resumes and job search tools that speak volumes about you.

Digital Representation
This image shows the Chicago skyline at night, with the verbiage "Business Drivers, Business Movement and Quantified Metrics" on the page with arrows pointing to each text heading.
How do you want to appear on-line? Let’s make your image unique and powerful.

From developing job search campaigns and elite tools, we can handle all your career trajectory needs.

Actual (Selected) Client Testimonials

“Ask 100 people for resume and job search advice and get 100 differing opinions. Save yourself a lot of time and aggravation, contact Don first. He’s the pro.”

– Tom P.
CFO at a manufacturing company

“I had a great experience with Don and his help. I am transitioning from a self-employed business owner to a corporate job. He did a superb job helping me with my interviewing skills.”

– Joe U.
VP of App Dev

“Joe [ED: In reply to Joe U’s testimonial on LinkedIn] – It goes without saying!!! One of the best in the business, with great people skills, patience, and candid feedback. Congratulations Don!!! You have inspired me as well!


– Jayesh M.
Plant Manager

“Hey Don,

Just wanted to let you know I accepted a position with HPE as an HPC/AI sales specialist!  I am getting my first paycheck tomorrow which will be exactly one year from when I lost my previous job.  Plus, I can finally stop paying for COBRA.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and helping me in my job search.  As I mentioned on our phone call, so many of the people who said they were willing to help went silent or ghosted me.

You offer a great, relevant service for today’s market and I will definitely refer anyone who is searching to your site to sign up.

Thanks again for all the help, assistance, and your continued friendship! Let me know if I can return the favor.

Pat G.
HPC/AI Sales Specialist

“Recently, I was in a job search. Don shared with me some spot-on interview questions the hiring manager had never heard before, and he was very impressed. I’d work with them again in the future.”

– Tom B.
Enterprise Account Manager

“I worked with Don when I was making some personal life changes. Their suggestions for resume layout and content, as well as the other tools they’ve designed really helped me focus my priorities. As many of you know, age discrimination is real, but eCareerCoaching.com has suggestions for how to deal with that, too.

If you are looking for a good career coach, look no further!

– Todd L.
Outreach Lead

“My sessions with Don always left me feeling motivated and capable.  As a professional mentor and now friend, his experience encouraged me to open up to so many possibilities.  I now feel as though I can present a complete version of myself and for that I am grateful.” 

-Irene C.
Financial Professional

“Don’s coaching has taught to me refine and hone my resume and interview skills so that I can confidently convey the traits that make me a valuable team member to a hiring manager. His years of personal knowledge are easy to understand and make the career search less scary. I feel prepared for any future job search armed and prepared with the insights Don has shared with me.”

-Walter D
Systems Architect

“Hey there, Don. I enjoyed reading your books. Great stuff. I particularly liked the metaphor you drew between a salesperson and the employee.

Some startling facts in the first few pages… I liked these facts…. very useful.

Conversational and at times witty. It was a nice touch. Well done.

Anthony Coundouris
CEO and Founder_Author of “run_frictionless: How to free a founder from a sales role

Thanks again for your continuous and efficient support in 2021. You helped me a lot, a very valuable journey! You are really talented and skilled. Nothing could have been done without you. I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH, I learned a lot from you. Impressed by your professionalism, energy and coaching skills. You are part of this success, no doubt!

– Philippe R.
Chief Operations Officer

Don is a superior person… Don’s key attributes are his exceedingly high level of personal and professional integrity, decency, and dedication to his customers, channel partners, and employer. While well versed and experienced in all aspects of sales, he is particularly strong in relationship- and solution-based selling. I would happily work with Don again in the future should the opportunity arise.”

– Scott S.
CEO at Payroll Software Company

“I met Don when I was the Controller at LiveAction and he was a Regional Sales Manager there. Got to know Don both at a professional level and personal level. Professional yet personable and a no-nonsense, straight forward, honest guy who I gained respect for very quickly.

A few years later, when I was searching for a new role and Don had started his business, he provided some terrific adds to my resume and other suggestions that proved to be valuable in my search.

Highly recommend Don for his experience, insight, and the straightforward manner in which he works.

Martin N.
Controller at Software Company

“The changes you suggested helped my resume and got results.”

– Tom S.
Management Consultant

“I’ve known Don a long time, and he has always been very thorough, quality-focused, and value-driven in every endeavor. And he also happens to be a cool guy! Keep up the great work, Don!”

– Bob C.
Portfolio Support Executive

“I worked with eCareerCoaching.com on their process, and I found that I was all of a sudden managing 43 job opportunities. They came fast and furious after we changed my resume, and came up with the other tools Don recommends. After about a month, I landed a new position. Thank you eCareerCoaching.com!”

– Toby Y.
Enterprise Account Manager

“Don helped me with a couple of things on my job search campaign that I didn’t think required attention. After speaking with him, I made the suggested changes to my resume and approach, and within a couple of months, I landed a new gig.

Very happy working with Don!

– Bob C.
Enterprise Account Rep

“I love your material. I recommend it for everyone looking for a new job.

-Chad C.
Business Owner

“Don is really a master of this realm. Highly recommended for anyone in a career transition.”

– Michael M.
VP Buyer Enablement


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