7 Traits Employers Value Part 7/7 [Career Coach]

In this last in the series about the 7 traits employers value, we discuss resilience, rest, and recovery, and how they are related.

Job Board Tuesday [Career Coach]

This post is the "Job Board Tuesday," published weekly on Tuesdays. We always follow a few job boards so that we can see trends, but also have one "Niche Job Board of the Week."

The Whole Family is Affected [Career Coach]

This post talks about how the entire family is impacted when the breadwinner is laid off or fired. It also offer some things one can do to help you get back on your feet.

How do I say this… [Career Coach]

When things don't seem to go your way, how do you keep going? Persistence!

Career Coaching: It’s Job Posting Tuesday

There are all types of job boards out there. Here are a few we've curated for you. There are many more. Please don't fall in love with job boards - your best bet is still to slide in the side door through networking.

5 Resume Writing Tips [Career Coach]

This post includes 5 resume writing tips to consider when you are looking to change careers or industries. Or just trying to get your next job in the current category.

“Lies, d_mned lies and statistics”

Statistics help make your case when you're in job search. They give credence to your contentions.