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Job Board Tuesday [Career Coach]

Every week, we check in with a few job boards consistently, and also we search out a "niche job board of the week." Over 5,000 positions reported this week. Keep coming back!

Job Board Tuesday [Career Coach]

This is our weekly "Job Board Tuesday" review. Well over 80,000 jobs are included in this week's report. Also the niche job board of the week is in here.

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Should I put my job search “in park” during the holidays? [Career Coach]

Many people ask whether they should put their job search into park during the holidays. We always advise against that.

[Career Coach] Job Board Tuesday

Every Tuesday we post the figures and links to some of the top Job Boards in the country. This week, in just 2 of the major boards we follow, there are over 3,000 openings. The niche job board of the week doesn't show the number of available positions, but there were a bunch by the time we gave up looking!

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[Career Coach] Pushy salesmen and unemployment. When it comes to job search, everyone likes to buy things…

There is an old adage in sales - no one likes to be sold, but everyone like to buy. When you're in job search, you're in sales, but you cannot be a pushy salesman.

[Career Coach] Job board Tuesday

This is the November 10th edition of "Job Board Tuesday" from eCareerCoaching.com. There are a few we follow consistently, and then a "Niche Job Board of the Week."

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[Career Coach]: “It’s just a little tiny lie…”

This post discusses what can happen when you are caught lying on your resume. There are a number of studies that are quoted here.

[Career Coach]: How do I say this…

When things don't seem to go your way, how do you keep going? Persistence!

[Career Coach]: Logic vs emotion Part 2 of 2

This post is "logic vs emotion, part 2 of 2". In today's post we talk about how to settle a racing mind by using a tool that was purportedly designed originally by Ben Franklin.

If you make $100,000/year, you’re losing about $400/day every day you’re out of work

This post offers a view of the pros and cons of hiring a career coach to help you find your next position.