Both Interview Study and Preparation Guides (and bonus material)


Be ready for your next interview. Practice your answers to the most-often-asked interview questions. Also have several insightful questions at your fingertips to ask of the interviewer when it’s your turn to ask.


Words have meaning. Body language has meaning, too.

When you purchase this pair of eBooks, you get what you need to prepare for interview day. One of these contains the 51 Most-Asked Interview Questions, and the other provides you with several suggested questions you can ask the interviewer when they ask you “do you have any questions for me?”

We highly recommend you video record yourself answering the 51 questions, so you can see whether you can do it better for the real thing.

Regarding the other document, you’ll want to ask insightful questions of the interviewer. These fall into that category.

Buy them both, practice, practice, practice, and you’ll be ready for interview day.