51 Most-Asked Interview Questions (PDF)


If you are preparing to interview candidates – or to be interviewed as a candidate – buy this. This document contains the 51 Most-Often-Asked Interview Questions. There are more, of course, but these will help you get quite a ways down the road.

If you are a candidate, you use this document to prepare yourself for your upcoming interview. Video record yourself on your computer to see if you like how you look when you answer these questions. If you don’t – practice until you feel comfortable.

Pair this with the “Suggested Interview Questions” eBook for $4.95, and you’ll not only be ready to be interviewed, you’ll also have some great questions for the interviewer!

If you are an entrepreneur, you can use this document to prepare yourself for interviewing your first few candidates.

In either case – you win!

If you hire us to coach you in your job search, this document will be included with the engagement. If you buy any of our materials before you hire us, let us know, and we’ll credit you back with whatever you’ve paid to date. Contact us at <sales@eCareerCoaching.com> for more information.


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51 Most-Asked Interview Questions