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“Practical advice on your next career move.”

Photo of a gentleman looking a bit overwhelmed with the paperwork in front of him. With LegalShield, we can set you up with an attorney for a low monthly subscription fee.
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So you’ve just been laid off, or you’ve just been fired. You were given a non-compete agreement, and an NDA. You were asked to sign them before the company will give you your severance package.

Sound familiar?

There’s also a good chance that you will have to sign an employment contract of some sort when you do find a new job.

Does that sound familiar?

You’ve not updated your will since your children were little. Or you’ve never had a will.

You’ve had your identity stolen and it’s next to impossible to get a loan now.

I hope you and your family have not needed the former, and that the latter hasn’t happened to you.

But these things do happen – all the time

Because of this, and the fact that many people are going into business for themselves these days, we’ve decided to add the services of LegalShield to our product suite. is a Legalshield Associate.

In other words, we can recommend to you a package of legal services that will help you out with a number of issues you may have never thought of. I know I didn’t know how much I needed legal advice when I set up Soon after I attended a seminar about the service, I became a customer. Without sounding too cheesy, I’m really glad I did.

We have legal firms in all 50 states, Mexico and Canada, so no matter where you live, we can probably help.

For us, we hadn’t updated our will in over 2 decades. Also, when we started this business, there were several things requiring legal advice. We found the service to be very affordable and extremely useful. The attorneys we discussed things with were very knowledgeable, and also very personable.

We know you will find LegalShield services pretty great too. In addition to the base package, there is ID Shield (Identity Protection and retrieval). A gun-owner’s rider. No extra charge will preparation. Small business riders. More.

Upshot here is, if you are recently out of work and staring at a legal form that was written by someone from another planet, let us know at <>. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the right LegalShield package.

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