How Acting Like a Toddler Can Help You From Overthinking at Work – post

Overthinking has serious consequences inside and outside the office. Here’s how to break the cycle. By: Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO, Hootsuite Research has shown that children laugh on average, 300 times a day. Adults on the other hand, laugh only about 17 times a day. It appears that we do not wish to appear […]

4 ways Google looks for emotional intelligence in job candidates – FAST Company post

EI is a sought-after quality. Here are some ways people at Google look for it during the application process. By: Gwen Moran Very few companies get as many resumes as does Google. Last year alone, they reviewed over 3 million of them! One of the most-important criteria they look for is “Googleyness” – better known […]

How to transform your to-do list into a productivity power tool – FAST Company post

It will likely require shifting your mindset in a few key ways. By: Stephanie Vozza There are a number of ways to look at a to-do list, to make it easier to get things done. There is the Covey Method, there’s the Eisenhower Matrix, and so on, and so on. Whatever – they all boil […]

These are the 4 sentences you need to make your cover letter get noticed – FAST Company post

Ladders founder Marc Cenedella has reviewed thousands of cover letters. Here’s his advice on writing one that is certain to get attention. By: Marc Cenedella We hear the question often: “do cover letters still matter?” Our response is almost always the same – over 60% of all HR people read them, and are more inclined […]

Break Bad Habits with a Simple Checklist – Harvard Business Review

By: Sabina Nawaz Large, immeasurable goals are very hard to implement successfully. Small, easily attainable, focused goals are much more likely to take root. There is an excellent method mentioned in this post that most of us can grow with over time. When we’re starting out on a new goal, we’re full of energy and […]

5 ways you can get more comfortable taking criticism – FAST Company post

Feedback and criticism are going to happen, so why not take a more positive approach to them with these tips? By: Josh Womack We are *big* on introspection. You should be too – and with good reason. Introspection leads to greater empathy and higher EQ. Greater EQ leads to happier teams. Earlier in my career […]

6 Habits That Hurt Your Career — and How to Overcome Them – Harvard Business Review post

By: Kerry Goyette As managers, we all have to be introspective. We need to see where we may have made a mistake in leadership, and try to fix it. It won’t be easy – as Warren Buffet once said: It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. There’s a lot to be said for playing […]

The Top 10 Office Pet Peeves in the U.S.–and How to Avoid Them – post

To drive productivity on your team, create an office environment that limits pet peeves and distractions. By: Adam Robinson Many of these items are common sense, but management may not view them as such, in terms of expense budgets, and so on. The most-obvious pet peeve of workers today is, of course, anyone coming in […]

To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits – Harvard Business Review post

By: Sabina Nawaz As with New Year’s Resolutions, new habits are tough to start, and even tougher to continue for more than a couple of days or weeks for most of us. Ms. Nawaz breaks these down into smaller, bite-sized chunks that most of us can handle easily. One or two new “micro-habits” per week […]

How the Alternative Workforce Is Reshaping the Future of Work –

By hiring highly skilled workers for bespoke positions, companies are getting projects done more effectively and efficiently than ever before. By: Rebekah Iliff writer, speaker, entrepreneur Even in a job climate such as this, some people still have trouble finding the right opportunity. Given that, many out-of-w0rk folks are starting their own companies and working […]

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