This Company Pays Its Employees $7,500 If They Really Go Off the Grid on Vacation – Working Mother post

Their goal is to re-energize staffers and encourage an actual break from work. By: Quinn Fish The on-going thought in the working world today is, “can I really disconnect from work when I’m on vacation?” Most of us cannot seem to do that, but this company actually pays their employees a $7,500 bonus to do […]

Starting a New Project? Before You Plunge In, Do This to Ensure Success – post

Ask questions–and keep going until you get the answers you need. By: Alison Davis Founder and CEO, Davis & Company Ms. Davis brings up an interesting point in this post. In her way of thinking (and we tend to agree) that the really hard work of getting anything done is to ask enough questions of the […]

Manager and machine: The new leadership equation – McKinsey & Company article

By: Martin Dewhurst and Paul Willmott. Directors in McKinsey’s London office The expression “GIGO,” is an acronym for “Garbage In/Garbage Out.” This acronym and phrase were invented in the 1960’s when the IBM 360 was becoming more mainstream. In a nutshell, it means that if you feed bad data into a computer, the results you could expect […]

If Your Team Constantly Checks Email and Slack After Hours, You Might Need to Set a Formal Policy. Here's Why – post

Even if you never disconnect from work, it’s important to let your employees do so. Fortunately, there are ways to set limits without losing productivity. By: Sophie Downes – web producer As you can see from this post, only about 3% of all CxOs of startups totally disconnect when they are on vacation or […]

LinkedIn Says These Are the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Always Make in the First 90 Days of Their New Job – posting

By: Peter Economy The Leadership Guy The first few weeks of a new job can be – at the same time – exciting and scary. Here are some tips to help out with this very important time in your professional life. The first day at a new job. The first week. The first month. Starting […]

The 'Jeopardy!' Greatest of All Time Tournament Reveals a Brutal Truth About Life That Few People Are Willing to Admit – posting

By: Jeff Haden Contributing editor, Inc. @jeff_haden Even though this is only related to job search in a peripheral way, it does apply. Please read through this to see what skillsets are best used to prepare yourself for job search. You’ll need strength – both physical and psychological; you’ll need also need a “success!” mentality, for […]

7 Bad Email Habits, Ranked From Mildly Annoying to 100 Percent Self-Defeating, According to a New Survey – posting

Spoiler alert: Don’t ever write, ‘AS PER MY PREVIOUS EMAIL!!!’ By: Bill Murphy Jr. @BillMurphyJr We all have some hidden skeletons in our closets around email usage and it’s etiquette. Here are 7 pretty annoying habits that were called out in a recent study. GETTY IMAGES For all the new ways we communicate with each […]

Thinking about changing jobs? Here’s what physicians should consider. – KevinMD repost

By: SmartMoneyMD Even physicians want to change careers sometimes. Here is some guidance on things to consider during this process, from an MD. Perhaps taking q3 call as a resident didn’t seem too tough in your late twenties, but getting brutalized every third night in your thirties and forties starts getting really old.  Maybe your […]

AI Specialist Is The Top Emerging Job In 2020 According To LinkedIn – Forbes article

By: Louis ColumbusContributor | ENTERPRISE TECH Follow this URL to read up about some of the top 15 new career fields that are going to be at the top of the list in 2020. Not surprisingly, many of these top jobs in the new decade are in tech. If you are considering a job change, […]

The 4 Main Reasons People Change Careers – Fortune Magazine article

By: Anne Fisher There are many reasons to change career paths – Ms. Fisher’s article here discusses four good ones. Ever wonder whether you picked the right career path, way back when—and, if not, whether you could make the jump to a different field? The job market right now looks ideal for making a change, […]

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