These 5 things indicate someone has strong social skills – Fast Company post

The connection between strong social skills and career success is clear. BY: JUDITH HUMPHREY – 3 MINUTE READ [Photo: Joshua Ness/Unsplash] In our time, while AI and other automation tools are being discussed, implemented and trusted by more and more companies, one thing still overrides as a career success factor: social skills. Whether you’re heading for a […]

3 ways to identify workers that your company should reskill – Fast Company post

Reskilling can be incredibly lucrative for just about any organization—but it isn’t as easy as setting up a pipeline and funneling as many people through as possible.  BY: JEFF MAZUR – 4 MINUTE READ [Photo: Cesar Carlevarino Aragon/Unsplash] Here are 3 “rules of the road” for your organization, when you are deciding on whether reskilling is the […]

Top 5 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Role in 2020

Posted by: Abbey Kwiat Written by: Justin Stull, Senior Technical Recruiter, CSC Corptax When it comes to job search, there are some very basic rules that apply no matter what your career trajectory has been. When people find out I’m a recruiter, I usually get one of two reactions: “Can you get me a job?” or […]

Where’s My Raise? The Mystery of ‘Full Employment’ – Washington Post post (Bloomberg, L.P.)

By: Scott Lanman at, Laurence Arnold, John O’Neil In every other economic expansion of any type, one of the side effects of that expansion is that working people get good raises. Economists are struggling to understand why this expansion hasn’t reflected that rule, bringing the tenets of that very rule – the Phillips Curve […]

Getting practical about the future of work – McKinsey post

By Bryan Hancock, Kate Lazaroff-Puck, and Scott Rutherford Employers have the choice to either “reskill or upskill” their current employee base, or they can begin the task of looking outside of the organization for talent needed to work in their upcoming digitalization (AI, bots, robots, etc.) If you are looking for a new position, take this into […]

U.S. weekly jobless claims rise modestly; labor market tight – Reuters post

Reporting By: Lucia Mutikani; Editing by Andrea Ricci Job growth may be slowing, but the job market remains tight. In many cases, people are so confident that they will land a new job, they are not even filing for unemployment insurance. FILE PHOTO: People wait for assistance at the Virginia Employment Commission office in Alexandria, […]

Yes, Ageism Is a Problem in Tech. But Vanity Is a Bigger One – post

The emphasis on youth and physical perfection may be leading to a crisis in Silicon Valley and beyond By: Matt Haber San Francisco bureau chief, Inc. @Matthaber Is there ageism in tech? Sure seems like it – and even though this posting could be read in a light-hearted manner, there may be some truth to it […]

When it comes to hiring, millennials are killing it – USA Today post

By: Paul Davidson USA TODAY If you think there is age discrimination going on in the hiring process, you’re probably right. There are a number of tactics you can take that will help you in this regard, and there are more than a few strategies as well. This article will show you the plans that […]

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