How to Ease Into a Work-From-Home Benefit – article

GETTY IMAGES In order to stay competitive as a business, it is crucial to learn how to integrate these progressive shifts into your office culture. By Tanya Hall CEO, Greenleaf Book Group @tanyahall

New Study: Sleep Is Literally a Deep Clean for Your Brain – article

Sleep washes away toxic gunk that builds up in your brain. Do you really want to leave it there? Jessica Stillman – Contributor,

Job-seeking military veterans experience more hiring bias, LinkedIn survey says – Fast Company article

Interesting article on how various industries look at veterans. If you are a veteran, drop us a line – we may be able to help you translate your military experience into something that companies can identify, and use. – Don BY LYDIA DISHMAN Here’s an employment pool that many people may not think about: […]

Hey millennials, look out below! Gen Zers may already be catching up in the salary race – USA Today article

Paul Davidson | USA TODAY Hey, millennials! That fresh-faced high school or college graduate doing your job in the next cubicle may be earning almost as much as you. Possibly more. Workers ages 20 to 24, who are overwhelmingly new entrants to the labor market, are getting pay increases averaging 6%, double the annual wage […]

How to Manage the Emotional Roller Coaster of a Job Search – Harvard Business Review article #leadership #shortage #careercoaching #ecareercoaching #resumewriting #resumes #results #betterresults #compelling #interviewingtips #interviewing #handbills #emotionalintelligence #interviewquestion #blogs #jobseeker #careerpivot #careerprogression #befound #befoundgethired #gethired #positivepsychology #laidoff #babyboomers #productive #habit #metoo #job #fired 

Messed up in a job interview? Here’s how to recover – Glassdoor article

BY EMILY MOORE—GLASSDOOR Your stomach drops to the floor. Your palms get sweaty. You begin to ramble incoherently, or worse, can’t come up with anything to say at all. Almost all of us know the feeling of making a big mistake during an interview. Great. There goes that opportunity, you might think. Don’t be tempted […]

Forget Recession — Here’s Why We Could See A 20-Year Bull Market – Investor’s Business Daily article

ALEXIS GARCIA | Nov 7, 2019 Reports Of Recession Ignore Current Stock Market Data According to some recent news reports, the economy is headed for a recession. But the major indexes continue to reach record highs. Dorsey says this dissonance is a reminder of why it’s crucial to refer to chart data as a current […]

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