New Overtime Rules Start January 1, 2020. Are You Ready? – article

By Suzanne Lucas “Evil HR Lady” Anyone making less than $646 per week must receive overtime–and even some people making more. If you earn less than $35,548 per year, or $646 per week, these new overtime rules may apply to you. Keep track of your hours, just in case.

Salaries in Texas are growing faster than New York – FoxBusiness article

Megan Henney | FOXBusiness Published on November 19, 2019 Americans’ salaries are growing much faster in small, oil-boom towns in Texas than they are in New York City, according to new figures from the Commerce Department. In Midland, Texas — a base for Permian basin shale production — the per capita personal income was $122,247 […]

I took a class at Google on how to get the best search results, and I learned 5 tricks everyone should know – Business Insider article

Lisa Eadicicco Nov 19, 2019 Shutterstock Some lesser-known tips for getting the best Google search results include paying attention to the order of the words in your search query, using suggested links that show up underneath results to save time, and using the minus symbol to exclude certain words from your results. Daniel M. Russell, […]

UPS Says Jobs Will Survive A.I.—But With One Condition – Fortune article

by David Meyer | Nov 18, 2019 Companies can harvest the benefits of artificial intelligence without shedding jobs, as long as they continue to grow. The logistics industry is on the cusp of dramatic transformation at the hands of artificial intelligence and drone technology. But what does that mean today for all the employees involved […]

How To Keep Productivity High When Motivation Is Low – Entrepreneur article

PHOTO: 10’000 Hours | Getty Images A four-step plan for conquering inevitable lulls. Haley Hoffman Smith | November 06, 2019 I consider myself a highly motivated individual. I often have no problem connecting to my ambition when it comes to getting work done. However, we all inevitably go through periods when our energy is at […]

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