[Career Coach]: Job Board Posting Tuesday!

Here are a few places to look for positions right now. If you are looking for mostly tech jobs, or jobs at tech companies: There are over 1,150 jobs posted here today! https://speedupmyjobsearch.com/jobs/ 1871 has over 100 jobs available at their startups! Check it out here: https://1871.com/jobs/careers-1871-startups/ BuiltinChicago has almost 1,500 job openings! Check them … Continue reading [Career Coach]: Job Board Posting Tuesday!

Career Coaching: Interview prep

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com You've landed an interview. Great! Now, how do you get ready for it? Well, there are any number of schools of thought on this topic and every career coach will have a different concept for you to consider. Since you're here, reading my post, I'll give you a good … Continue reading Career Coaching: Interview prep