How You Can Build Confidence…

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Recruiters – Get better at feedback!

This post discusses a specific case where the ball was dropped by the recruiter. The candidate felt disrespected and now has a very poor taste in his mouth about the company. Understandably.

What Should You Do When You’re Being Harassed at Work?

Written by: Micah NorrisGuest Contributor<> The average man who works full-time brings in $61,417 per year, but the average full-time female worker only brings in $50,982. In addition to battling the wage gap, approximately 1 out of every 4 women experience some form of workplace harassment - and many of these incidents are never reported. … Continue reading What Should You Do When You’re Being Harassed at Work?

This graphic shows that there are 4 major myths about job searching

4 Career Transition Myths

This post talks about the 4 Myths of Career Transition, especially in adults aged 40 and over, and with the title of director and above.

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Need Talent? How to Use Recruitment Marketing to Attract Top Candidates

Today's guest post was submitted by Micah Norris of King ROM, a video game HQ. Micah's point today is that, in light of the Great Resignation and other economic issues, companies need to start having recruitment processes in place. All-encompassing recruitment marketing approaches if you will. Not just a single-position recruitment process.

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Hiring a Career Coach-Why the Heck Would You Do That?

Hire a career coach? Who, me? This post offers insights into why you should. Especially when you're not landing interviews or getting offers.

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74% Feel They are Being Micromanaged at Work

74% of working people feel they are micromanaged at work. This is just one example of the types of maltreatment that many feel today.

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8 ways to beat the Bots – Part 2

Beat resume bots (aka Applicant Tracking Systems - ATS) with these 8 tips on how to optimize your resume for digital submission!

8 Suggestions for Formatting your Resume to get by the ATS Systems

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on Formatting your Resume. There will be a total of 8 suggestions when you combine the two posts.