How a SWOT analysis can help your career – article

If your career is in need of some shaking up, use this technique to take a look at what works and what doesn’t. By: Dawn Papandrea, Monster contributor A SWOT Analysis is a living, breathing process that most business undertake on a quarterly basis (optimally). See below for what SWOT stands for (if you don’t […]

Chicago Could See Over 2,000 New Tech Jobs Created This Year and Next – built in Chicago

BY GORDON GOTTSEGEN Gordon’s report is full of good news for Chicago and it’s burgeoning tech scene. Mayor Lightfoot spoke at Chicago Tech Day 2019, and made several announcements about how the various larger tech companies were going to spread the wealth throughout ChicagoLand, especially into neighborhoods that are underserved by most employers. Mayor Lightfoot […]

90 percent of growth in high-tech jobs happened in just 5 metro areas – Vox article

As a result, wealth is also being concentrated in those areas. By Rani Molla@ranimolla  Dec 9, 2019 Overall tech job growth (about 90% of it) has been happening in just 5 metropolitan areas in the US. No other historical job-growth period happened in this manner (manufacturing or natural resources growth booms, for instance). These 5 areas have […]

November Jobs Report: Strong Across The Board – Forbes article

By Milton Ezrati, Dec 9, 2019Contributor The “end of November” news is good from all angles – unemployment (lowest since 1969), wide-ranging hiring activity, wage growth, number of new unemployment claims, and other indicators are all strong. Let us know how to help you get in on this hiring boom. Employment in America looks strong, […]

Top ways to sabotage your interview follow-up – article

From a hastily written thank-you email to social media snafus, these mistakes can weaken your chances of getting hired. By: Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor Following up after an interview can easily be the difference between getting a job and not getting that job. There are many mistakes that can be made along the way – […]

Tech Companies: Here’s Why You Should Hire a 59-Year-Old – article

By: Lynne Goldman Many would say that there is ageism in the hiring process today, and yes, there is. It’s subtle, but it’s there. As a career coach, I hear from younger leaders that they feel ageism in reverse, because they feel as though they do not have required experience. From the older worker, I […]

Career risks you should never take – article

Don’t put your career in jeopardy by making these mistakes. (The last one may surprise you.) By: Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor The concept of “risk” is very subjective, and there are some of us that are more risk-averse than others. We will never grow until we take the risk involved. If we don’t take risks, […]

The False Promise of Morning Routines – The Atlantic article

Why everyone’s mornings seem more productive than yours By: MARINA KOREN. Marina is a staff writer at The Atlantic. When you read about someone else’s virtuous morning routine, remember that they may only be presenting their ideal morning routine, rather than their real one. Remember also that some of the folks that get more done by waking […]

What I learned that time my boss made me cry — Fast Company

BY: RACHEL WALLACE There are times when we all have a bad day/week/month or whatever. These can be used as periods of growth if we handle them correctly. Next time you feel like someone is being a micro-manager, or a person that works for you needs micro-managing, you may want to have a chat. Sometimes, […]

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