Advice On Filing For Unemployment Benefits: Document Everything And Be Persistent – npr repost

By: YUKI NOGUCHI A “closed” sign is posted at the entrance of a New York State Department of Labor office in Brooklyn. With millions of people filing for unemployment benefits, state employment agencies have been overwhelmed around the country. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters) In times like these, the normal systems are not working. Fundamentally, they were designed […]

Big Exits, Affordability, and Tech Transplants: Why Indianapolis Is the Next Big Startup City – repost

This Midwestern city is racing to recruit entrepreneurs. By: Kate Rockwood FABIO CONSOLI Many cities are vying to be the next Silicon Valley. Indianapolis has thrown its hat into that ring now, and seems to be doing all the right things to get it done. If you’ve never visited Indy, you should do so before […]

Looking for Work? Here’s Who’s Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak – Money repost

by: Kristenleebahler There are always jobs available, even during bad situations where we find ourselves now. They may not be our preferred posting, but they may help keep the lights on until your usual jobs come back. And they will come back, someday, and somehow. COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our daily lives — […]

Working from home? Here’s how to separate the ‘work’ from the ‘home’ – FAST Company repost

Full-time remote work is the new normal—at least for now. Establishing boundaries—with the help of your partner, family, or roommates—can help you adjust. [Photo: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels; Bench Accounting/Unsplash] BY: GLENN FLEISHMAN If you are working from home for the first time, and you share your home with children, significant other, pets, etc., then some “rules” will need to […]

We’re in the midst of a massive work-from-home experiment. What if it works? – FAST Company repost

While much of the news is scary, I’ve found a silver thread of hope in this pandemic: What if this is our chance to prove remote work, well, works? [Photo: shironosov/iStock] By: Lindsay Tigar Lindsay Tigar reports that there are many advantages to the WFH model (see below). I myself have been working from home […]

20 Fully Virtual Companies Currently Hiring Remote Jobs – Working Mother and FlexJobs post

Large companies and small companies across many industries made this list.  By: Brie Weiler Reynolds As the old saying in fishing goes, “fish where the fish are.” In the same vein, if you’re looking for a job, you may want to focus your efforts on companies that are already fully virtual, so that your bait […]

How to file for unemployment benefits: What you need to know – Business Insider post

A person walks by the entrance of the New York State Department of Labor offices in Brooklyn, which is closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly  By: Katie Warren Unemployment programs vary from state to state, so please check out your state’s rules (Dept. of Labor URL in this post). But […]

Essential tips to prepare for a video job interview – post

Get ready for the interviewer to see a lot more than just your resume. Find a quiet, private, and well-lit place for your video interview. By: Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor Video interviewing was growing even before the current COVID-19 crisis. We don’t see it going backwards when this crisis passes – it’s incumbent upon us […]

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