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Hiring a Career Coach-Why the Heck Would You Do That?

Hire a career coach? Who, me? This post offers insights into why you should. Especially when you're not landing interviews or getting offers.

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74% Feel They are Being Micromanaged at Work

74% of working people feel they are micromanaged at work. This is just one example of the types of maltreatment that many feel today.

We appear in the AppointmentsIQ newsletter!

This week, we're featured in the AppointmentsIQ newsletter, and we cannot be more pleased to be associated with this fine group of people.

8 ways to beat the Bots – Part 2

Beat resume bots (aka Applicant Tracking Systems - ATS) with these 8 tips on how to optimize your resume for digital submission!

8 Suggestions for Formatting your Resume to get by the ATS Systems

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on Formatting your Resume. There will be a total of 8 suggestions when you combine the two posts.

Job Board Tuesday [Careering] – April 27, 2021

IT’S JOB BOARD TUESDAY FOR MARCH 30, 2021. WE WISH YOU GOOD LUCK FINDING SOMETHING IN HERE THAT INTERESTS YOU! LET US KNOW IF WE CAN SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR EFFORTS If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we normally publish this Job Board report most Tuesdays to assist you in … Continue reading Job Board Tuesday [Careering] – April 27, 2021

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Job Board Tuesday [Careering]

Job Board Tuesday lists a few job boards that we track regularly to see trends, and one "niche job board of the week."

From Furlough to Full Time – Chapter 5

FOR THE NEXT FEW POSTS, WE’RE GOING TO FOLLOW AN IMAGINARY PERSON THROUGH THE JOURNEY FROM FURLOUGH TO FULL TIME. This is Chapter 5. So, you’ve been let go, laid off, furloughed, fired, terminated – whatever word you use all amounts to the same thing – you are now out of work. And you need … Continue reading From Furlough to Full Time – Chapter 5

Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While You Work [Guest Post]

From time to time, we repost the work (with permission) of other bloggers when we feel the topic is relevant to our followers. Mark Kelly is a single father, and writes for us from time to time. His topic today talks about how single working parents can juggle both work and children, with some creative … Continue reading Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While You Work [Guest Post]

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From Furlough to Full Time – Chapter 4

This article talks about how to find the source information for stories you need to be able to tell quickly during interviews.