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What is eCareerCoaching.com LLC all about?

Helping people get back to work.


eCareerCoaching.com LLC is all about resume writing, interview coaching, or full-on career progression coaching.

If you earn $100,000 per year, you lose $400/day for each day you’re out of work. Here’s the math: $100,000/50 weeks=$2,000/week. $2,000/week divided by 5 days=$400/day.

That’s $50 per hour You’re losing.

Couple that fact with the knowledge that we know to help you land at least one week sooner. And if you do that, you’ve paid yourself back on the investment you made in yourself and your career.

Attention veterans or active service members: eCareerCoaching.com, LLC has discounts for vets

If you are about to separate from your branch of service, you will receive a significant discount. Please let us know this fact at the start of your engagement.

eCareerCoaching.com, LLC also donates 10% of all of our revenues. Our chosen charities were created to help vets and active service members. These include the VFW, Wounded Warrior Project, USO, Green Beans Coffee, and Bunker Labs. Click on any of their names here to navigate to their websites. When you get there, please join us in helping our military members in some way.

Concerning the homeless

Finally, eCareerCoaching.com LLC also donates some of our revenues to the “Blanket the Homeless” organization. BtH is a charity that is based in the Bay Area of Northern California. The entire state of California has relatively great weather, and given that, their homeless population is huge.

In a recent study by Charles Schwab, over 59% of Americans are only one paycheck away from being homeless. There’s a domino effect. Let’s say you live too far from your place of employment to walk to work. Next, let’s say there are no forms of mass-transportation to help out in case of car trouble.

Now let’s say your car breaks down. You don’t have the money to fix it. Due to your car being broken, you lose your job. Since you’ve lost your job, you lose your home because you can’t pay rent or your mortgage. Since you can’t pay your rent, you are kicked out of your home. And now you are homeless.

The scary facts are these:

  • Over 66% of Americans have, and live by, a budget (this is pretty good, but could be better)
  • Only 38% of Americans have an “Emergency Fund” (this is bad)
  • Up to 59% of Americans are just ONE lost paycheck away from homelessness (this is very bad)
  • Up to 40% of Americans don’t have enough in liquid savings to replace their income for 3 months (ProsperityNow study) (This is also very bad)

From the same article, one person interviewed by CBS News in January of 2021 said she only had $1.08 in her bank account, after only two weeks into her furlough. And this is from a furloughed government worker.

How long are job searches today?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last 2 years, the average length of time that someone is out of work is anywhere from 20 – 27 weeks (5 – 7 months).

Prepare yourself, and let us help you prepare yourself and your materials.

Most people will wing it – but if you are an eCareerCoaching.com LLC client, we will fully prepare you to implement an effective job search.

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