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DEAR RECRUITERS: Get better at feedback…

Yes, I know you’re busy.

Yes, I know you’re afraid of being sued if you provide the wrong feedback.

Yes, I understand you’re juggling a veritable ton of candidates for a veritable ton of opportunities within your company.

And all that doesn’t matter one whit.

Let’s look at things objectively

One of the most common mistakes made by recruiters is not treating candidates with enough respect.

-> You don’t give them timely feedback, and you may not even tell the candidate where they are in your hiring process, and whether they are still in consideration

->You don’t tell them what to expect during the interviewing process

At the very least, you can set up email templates for various situations and outcomes of specific activities.

So what?

This is not only disrespectful to the candidate but it also makes them feel unwelcome. The company should make every effort to show that they are professional, respectful, and welcoming when it comes to candidates. Especially at the higher-level positions. They deserve better feedback from recruiters.

Imagine this – your company’s name is put out in the community at large as a place that mistreats candidates. That may come back to bite you in the hindquarters at some near-future point.

Direct, personal experience

The idea for this blog post came to me from one of my clients. He was invited to interview (based on his very high level of technical knowledge and personality fit) for a particular role at an F100 company.

When I asked him how things went during our post-mortem after the interview process, he told me that the company flew him out to their US HQ (great stuff – you don’t get to fly somewhere if you’re not a pretty good candidate!).

Shows an airplane flying out to support the case of being invited to interview.

He then spent 6-7 hours in several interviews, including with members of his future team, and even had a lengthy dinner with his future manager.

Now, this person is a VP level (as are most of my clients). He is only available in short bursts. Given that, his time should be treated as the “gold” commodity that it is.

So What’s the problem?

Simply put, the problem is that the recruiter ghosted my client after he returned from the trip. That was three weeks before the publish date of this post. And you know what? We still haven’t heard any feedback from the (internal) recruiters.

And that’s shameful.

This is a question mark. It is here because it shows how people can feel when there is no feedback. Lost.

Before you decide to call my client a crying, whining baby, put yourself in his shoes for a moment. He took the time to customize his resume for your position. He wrote a thoughtful cover letter. He spent a fair amount of time on Zoom during the initial screening/interviewing phase.

He passed that Zoom interview with flying colors.

He was subsequently invited out to US HQ to interview with all of the folks I mentioned earlier, for the lengthy process I related above.

Nothing; and I mean nothing has come back from the recruiter… Even though he followed up in the prescribed manner. He’s an excellent candidate for the role, and the company would benefit greatly from his talents. Yet – the recruiter has said nothing.





Again, it’s time to do better, recruiters

In fact, it’s past time to do better at giving feedback, dear recruiters.

Much better.

I’d be glad to help improve your feedback process and I know what candidates are looking for in this regard.

I hear about it – a lot.

I only shared one client’s experience, but believe me, all clients have similar feedback.

Treat others as you would have them treat you.

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