4 Career Transition Myths

Posted by: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner/Head Coach


Written by: Alex Brito
Career Progression Researcher & Author

Contrary to popular belief, having more experience doesn’t always equate to an easier job search. The truth is that job searching is difficult for both inexperienced and seasoned employees.

For individuals that are 40 years old and older, this truth is even more pronounced…

It’s important to discover these 4 career transition myths – so that you go into job searching with a realistic perspective and a strategic plan. 

You don’t want to go into job searching with unrealistic or just plain erroneous beliefs and expectations. Naturally, it’s best to operate from a point of rationality and practicality. 

Therefore, I urge you to read on and open your eyes to these 4 Career Transition Myths.

Myth # 1 – More Qualifications = Automatic Interview

I know what you’re thinking… “I have over 15+ years experience as a corporate executive, recruiters will be begging me to interview with them!” 

Whoa, whoa, whoa – slow down! 

The truth is that there is a lot of competition for all types of job openings – not just for lower-level positions. 

Therefore, executives must be extremely proactive in their job search process.

The upshot is, don’t get overly confident in regards to your extensive experience… maintain a level head and battle the job search monster in a straightforward fashion. 

Myth #2 adds more arrows to your quiver.

Myth #2: Recruiters Need to Know Everything You’ve Done

It’s easy to get carried away and add too many items to your resume. You don’t want to show up to your interview with a resume that looks like a small book.

But that begs the question – what should you include?

You probably have decades of experience under your belt – so it can get a bit confusing in regards to what to include in your resume.

Only highlight specific achievements and qualifications that indicate you’re a perfect fit for this position.

It’s difficult to know what to include in your resume because of your long list of qualifications – which is exactly why you need a good coach to revamp your resume and select only what you need!

Myth #3: You Can Do It All On Your Own

Sometimes we like to think we are a one-person team. The truth is that human beings are social creatures that rely heavily upon our social networks.

This is especially true in the corporate world. 

Oftentimes we might neglect our network when we are gainfully employed… this is a grave mistake. It’s important to maintain key relationships throughout your career because you never know when or how you can help each other!

Job searching is the perfect time to reach out to your network and let them know you’re on the hunt for a new position.

I cannot emphasize enough how critical this is.

Myth #4: My Age Doesn’t Matter

Although hard to prove – age discrimination is alive and well in the workforce. Oftentimes your age may give others the impression that you are not up to speed on technology or current industry trends.

In addition, older folks are often thought to be “stuck in their ways.”

You should preemptively combat this assumption by arming yourself with the latest information in your field – thereby demonstrating that your skillset is up to date. 

Don’t forget that you are most likely a lot more experienced than the person interviewing you and/or other employees at your desired workplace – this should give you a boost of confidence and propel you forward with a positive mindset.

Don’t slack off. Keep yourself updated on current events and any new information pertaining to your field.

Knowledge is power. Be informed.

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