74% Feel They are Being Micromanaged at Work

Posted by: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner/Head Coach


“I’m being micromanaged at work.”

Do you ever feel like you’re being micromanaged at work? This perception may make you feel a little on edge about your job.

It’s not really surprising — one study shows that up to 74% of working people feel they’re being micromanaged at work. And that’s just the ones who admit it! See more surprising facts here.

I can see from here (OK, maybe that’s a stretch) that you’re unhappy in your current position. That’s really not a good feeling. I know that it must be tough to get through the day when you feel like people are always trying to hold you back and tell you what to do. So let’s talk for a minute about eCareerCoaching.com, where we can help make every day better – one little bit at a time.

We focus on people with abundant experience. People that have heard “you’re overqualified.” People that can’t prove, but can feel ageism sneaking into the interview process.

We have strategies

…for helping you speak to your overqualifications in a positive light.

We have strategies for dealing with micromanagement at work.
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Is it time to take charge of your career and find a new one? If so, we can help! Do you need some assistance with things such as resume rewrites, interview coaching or career coaching?

This is what we do, and have been doing for over 17 years. We’ve helped over 700 people land new positions over these last 17 years, and we can help you, too. Some felt they were being micromanaged at work, while others felt that other people were being promoted ahead of them.

Some of our customer feedback includes a story from Toby. Within 45 days, he was juggling over 40 real opportunities.

One other person, Phil, had 16 interviews with that same 45 day time frame. Before we started working together, he’d not had much luck at all. He followed the system we created, and all of a sudden, recruiters were reaching out to him and inviting him to interview for desirable positions.

Finally, we’ll share this with you – a director-level client was just offered 2 amazing positions, both of which were right in his wheelhouse.

Yes, there is a system. Yes, it takes work on your part to make it work. But the results speak for themselves. Being micromanaged at work? Not any more – not at this place, anyway!

If you are a mid-manager or above, then we can help – seriously.

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