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Posted by: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner/Head Coach


This post is pretty short – just an announcement thanking Tony Paolella and Greg DeKalb for including eCareerCoaching.com in the current edition of the AppointmentsIQ Newsletter this week! Our appearance in it made us especially pleased. The graphic below contains the link.

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Tony and Greg have built a formidable team of people that bring the weekly networking events to life. Tony undoubtedly is the “Battery Bunny” of professional networking – he just keeps on going and going and going…! Besides that, he’s also got the memory of an elephant… Never does he pass up a chance to connect two people that need each other, whether they know it or not! Amazing talent.

Greg is the consummate professional – always on the events, and always has a ton to offer the audience each week. Along with a great sense of humor, and he can pick up the baton if anything happens at any point. And NEVER ruffled. By anything.

Some of the other team members are (in no particular order – and I KNOW I’m going to forget someone due to my creaky memory!) Rob Johnson, Shana Prymicz, Sarah Pry, Steve Gast, Holly Sias, Barbora Stanikova, Ron Speaker, Rob Kletsky, and so many others that make these meetings a joy to attend!

Hey – if you aren’t networking with Tony, Greg and the team, you’re not networking!

BTW – if you happen to trip across the post that I wrote directly on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to read a short poem/story I wrote about these two greatly-talented and big-hearted gentlemen.

Consider it an easter egg… LOL!

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