Job Board Tuesday [Careering]

It’s Job Board Tuesday for March 30, 2021. We wish you good luck finding something in here that interests you! Let us know if we can support you in your efforts

Posted by: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner/Head Coach

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we normally publish this Job Board report every Tuesday to assist you in your careering efforts. There have been a few things going on in my private life that have kept me from the keyboard, lately, but now I’m back in the saddle again.

I am glad to be back and I wish you good hunting on your job search! Please let us know how to support you in your job search process.

The logo for This is one of the job boards we check regularly so we can see trends in openings. It's up again this week!
SpeedUpMyJobSearch,com’s job board.

Last time we checked, this board had a few over 1,500 openings. The economy is on the way up! This time, their total count is 1839! If you are in tech or other related positions, this board may be for you! If you’d like to be introduced to the main recruiter there, please, let’s connect (click the below button), and then I’ll be glad to warm intro you to him.

The next one is BuiltInChicago’s job board. Most of last year, there were very few openings over 2,000. Let’s see what they are advertising today:

This is the logo for the job site. They are also a job board we check regularly, and they are way up this week, from 3,100 to almost 3,800 openings!

Built in Chicago’s Job Board

More good news! BIC has over 3,770 openings… That’s up from 3,119 just a couple of weeks ago! YES!

Now for a quick peek at 1871’s job openings. They rarely exceed 100-ish openings.

1871 is this logo and clickthru to their job board. They are up about 60% this week as well! Looks like hiring is heating up!

If you are into the startup life, 1871 is the place to look. There are over 160 openings here today! Many internships, and ton of FTE positions as well. There’s even a Private Chef opening in there… Over 60% growth in openings from the last time we checked. Get in on this action!

Check it out! Click the logo above to get to the board.

Niche Job Board of the Week

Last, and certainly not least, let’s check the surprise, niche job board of the week. Hmmmmmm…. What should I pick this time?

How about AI/data & numbers crunching? OK – this week’s Niche Job Board of the week is!

This logo and click is for "'s" job board. This is this week's niche job board of the week. Their database doesn't provide an easy-to-find total job count, but it was extremely long list when I gave up on clicking "Load More."

There are job categories like Information Technology, SQL, Analytics, Data Management, Data Analysis, Python, Data Reporting, Data Engineering, Big Data, R, Statistics and so on. I didn’t get to the end of the list of openings – I just kept getting more and more of the “Load More” button… But this is good!



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#careercoaching #resumewriting #resumes #gethired #legal

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