From Furlough to Full Time – Chapter 5


Author: Alice Faile
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Posted by: Don Oehlert
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So, you’ve been let go, laid off, furloughed, fired, terminated – whatever word you use all amounts to the same thing – you are now out of work. And you need to get back to full-time employment.

Young woman that's ready to go from furloughed to full time. She's moved through the grief process, and is now revved up, ready to go to work to get her next great job.
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Now that you’ve had a few weeks to absorb the bad news and deal with the emotional aftermath, we’re going to look at some job search process ideas.

You have pondered your past successes (as we discussed in Chapter 4), and even written them down. You’ve figured out the quantified metrics of those stories, so you now know how to write them out in powerful mini-stories.

Now you need to think pragmatically (as much as humanly possible, anyway), how impactful each story is. You may be asking yourself why do I need to do that?

Why should I hire you?

Well, simply put, people “buy” things for one of two reasons, and one of two reasons only. They WANT something, or they NEED something. When it comes to job search, people are “buying” your set of skills to help them accomplish something that needs doing.

Now, some jobs that need doing are just jobs that need doing. They may be the backbone of a company – especially a manufacturing company, for instance. Someone has to assemble the parts to make the final machine.

But there are other, higher-order jobs in that theoretical manufacturing company. Someone has to figure out how to design the parts that go into the product such that they can be put together efficiently on a fairly fast-moving assembly line. Someone has to purchase either the raw materials to create those parts, or purchase the finished parts themselves. Sometimes a manufacturer will do a bit of both, depending on the part.

On the other hand, someone has to come up with the ideas on what the company will create in the first place. Hopefully, that part will come from the marketing people. Someone has to make sure those finished goods have a market to sell into, and that the company can make them at a profit. There has to be a person to box them up, or ship them. Someone has to sell them. Someone has to be responsible for the repair of them over their lifecycle. And so on.

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As mentioned above, there are only two reasons why people buy something – they either want it or they need it. I’ve been on the sales team for over 40 years and I can tell you that people will find many ways to argue with me about that, but I can always find a way to boil purchase decisions down to one of those two reasons.

This graphic shows how people buy things for one of two reasons - they want something or they need something. As you're moving from furlough to full time, you'll need to know where you fit on this scale.

Think of this in one more phrase – you are willing to pay more for a “want” item than a “need” item. Take cars as an example. I know you’ve heard (and maybe even said) that the only thing that matters in the purchase of a car is the price. Actually research has shown that the number one reason people buy a specific car is because they believe they’ll look good driving it (assuming it’s within their price range).

To look more closely, if price were the only consideration, then why aren’t our highways filled with either various colors of the Honda Fit or the Toyota Yaris? Last time I looked, these were the two most-affordable new cars out there. But as you drive around, you’ll see quite a few BMWs, Cadillacs, Mercedes Benzs, and so on. These cars are relatively expensive, but the people that buy them, buy them because they WANT them. They can afford them, sure, but again, it goes to prove the statement – they are wanted, and therefore worth more money to their purchasers.

The other end of the spectrum

Take the other end – a commodity item – a need. Let’s say my wife sends me to the store to buy a 5-pound bag of sugar so we can bake cookies. Do you think I’m going to look for the Cadillac of sugars, since we’re only going to bake with it anyway? No way. I’m going to find the cheapest (but still high quality) 5-pound bag of sugar I can find. A commodity as it were. Something any number of brands (in the case of job search, candidates) can fulfill.

But a want item… I’m going to take my time and find just the right thing.

During your journey from furlough to full time, make sure your stories put you in the “business wants” category, rather than the “business needs” category.

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The way to get started is that you need to really define your work successes to the “T.” Figure out how your quantified successes were worth $1.5 million to your company, and you can be sure that your next salary will be greater than your last. Especially if you show how you can repeat the process again and again over the course of one year, for instance.

Just 5 stories like this will put you in the $7.5 million UVP range, right? Well, excepting COGs of course, but you get the point. Top-line revenues were greatly improved because of your leadership, your ideas, your efforts, or your specific knowledge.

You are now a “business want” item. Especially if you can do these things while you are helping others rise to their full potential. You are helping the company to find ways to solve bigger, more expensive problems by building more powerful teams. And who doesn’t want that?

The point of the post

Make sure you can accurately create the results statements behind your past success stories. If you can, and they are big numbers, you become desired. Wanted. Pursued. Jobs will be created just for you. You’ll win the game of job search, and take home the trophy in the From Furlough to Full Time race.

And the “I submitted 200 resumes on line today, honey” roller coaster stops.

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