[Guest Post] Young Adults With Disabilities Can Find a Career in Business

From time to time, we repost the work (with permission) of other bloggers when we feel the topic is relevant to our followers. Today’s post is the second authored by Linda Chase from ablehire.org.

Young Adults With Disabilities Can Find a Career in Business. This blog post will help you identify resources and ideas for your future.

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Today’s post written by Linda Chase

This young woman sitting on wheelchair while using laptop is preparing for employment showcasing that young adults with disabilities can find a career in business.
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As a young adult with disabilities, already know that living with that disability brings its share of challenges.

However, technology makes some of those challenges a little less daunting. Obtaining a degree and landing a job is now easier than it’s ever been, thanks to ever-developing technology-based resources, as USA Today notes. Not only can you get your degree online, but you can potentially find a job that allows you to work remotely, putting you in charge of your work environment.

One particularly promising field for young adults with disabilities is the business sector. Getting a business degree can lead to a variety of career choices in many different fields.

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What’s the Best Business Degree For Me?

Just like many other fields, those young adults with disabilities entering the world of business often find their prospects improved with a degree. Deciding what degree to pursue is a personal decision, and choosing a major can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to discern your interests and strengths and match them with choices that may be a good fit.

A good website, called Grad School Hub is also a great help for prospective students. They recently updated their online resources for 2021. They provide helpful FAQs, a career assessment module, and practical information for your career research.

In the business sector, you’ll find plenty of options to consider. Some of the highest-paying degrees include:

  • Economics: Careers in credit and market analysis, investment banking, law, and healthcare are possibilities
  • Healthcare management: This degree can lead to a career as a hospital administrator or healthcare manager or consultant
  • Project management: Working in nearly any industry is possible, as you can help companies of various sizes implement and complete projects
  • E-commerce: This degree can lead to a career in web development, advertising, consulting, or running your own online business

How Can I Find a Good Internship?

It’s beneficial to gain experience in your chosen field. An internship can help, but as The Conversation points out, they can be pretty competitive to land. Once through the door, though, you are more apt to be selected for future internships and it can help you get ahead of the competition in job hunting.

When deciding where to apply, consider your previous work and organization experience. You may have skills in planning, web development, or leadership that can help you find relevant internships.

As CareerShifters suggests, now is the time to use your network. A mentor or professor in your field of interest may help you find an internship or write you a letter of recommendation. While you’re reaching out, ask one or two people in your network to review your resume and cover letter to make sure they’re ready to make a good impression.

If you have a particular company you’re interested in, try writing a letter indicating your interest in an internship and what skills you can bring. Someone may read your pitch and find a place for you – you never know until you try.

How Do I Land My First Job?

If you’ve been through the experience of getting an internship, you’ll likely find the job-seeking process is much the same. Begin by analyzing your previous experience and the skills you’ve gained. Make sure your resume is polished and up to date and brush up on things like your interviewing skills with resources from eCareerCoaching.com. Rely on your network to help you spread the word you’re looking for a job and provide you with good references. You can tap into your college career center, too. Many companies provide universities with a job list for recent graduates to review.

What About Starting My Own Company?

If you truly want to blaze your own trail, creating a startup might be the best option for you. Some nonprofits provide grants or assistance to young entrepreneurs with disabilities, making the endeavor less risky. You can consider pursuing an MBA while running your business to hone your management, strategy, and business skills. Working in your field and taking MBA classes helps you develop self-awareness and self-assessment skills and teaches you about leadership.

A business degree can open up many career possibilities for you. Now is a great time to leverage the power of technology to complete your education and find your dream job.

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