Job Board Tuesday [Careers]

Here is the Job Board Tuesday posting for January 26, 2021

Author: Don Oehlert

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know that we look at several job boards on Tuesdays. It’s called “Job Board Tuesday Careers.” We look at 3 almost every week so to gauge the overall condition of the job market. From the results we see this week, the job market is heating up! Those January 1st budgets must be coming in.

We also like to throw you a curveball, and look around for a “Niche Job Board of the Week.”

Let’s see what the consistent 3 boards are looking at these days.

Get ’em while they are hot!

This is the logo for careers 
on on this week's Job Board Tuesday. has over 1,480 jobs this week – a very nice increase over 1,300 last time we checked on Job Board Tuesday Careers (before the holidays)!

Click on this logo of "" to see this week's Job Board Tuesday careers.
Built In Chicago has nearly 3,000 jobs available this week -WOW! Just before the holiday they were advertising about 1,650! Almost double.

Let’s get that tech resume dusted off and let’s get going on this board!

1871's logo for their job board for this week's edition of Job Board Tuesday.
Even has a nice increase over recent checks on our part – they’ve got 119 openings – many for interns – marketing, social, customer engagement, sales, product design, operations!

Let’s see… Where should we turn for the niche job board of the week? We’ve looked recently at the Diversity Job Board, the Logistics, Marketing… Hmmmm… Niche Board of the week for Job Board Tuesday… Hmmmm…. Please feel free to send us ideas that you’d like to share with your colleagues. Send your ideas to: <>.

We’ll give you credit, if you want us to!

How about we take a peek at the Job Boards for Math folks? Here is an interesting board:

Mathematics Association of America logo for this week's Niche Job Board of the Week on Job Board Tuesday Careers.
This is the job board on the “Mathematics Association of America” site. There are over 2,015 jobs available here:

Logos of Legal Shield and ID Shield.

We not only sell LegalShield’s services, we are customers, too.

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#careercoaching #resumewriting #resumes #gethired #legal