Job Board Tuesday for 12-22-2020 [Career Coach]

Including the Niche Job Board of the Week:
workNET DuPage

Each week on Tuesdays, we look at 4 different job boards. Three of them we visit each week so we can keep track of some trends, and then we throw in a curve ball at the end of the post – the Niche Job Board of the Week for 12-22-2020.

Onward to Job Board Tuesday for 12-22-2020.

This week at, we see that there are over 1,325 openings. That’s about the same as last week, but nice growth over the preceding weeks. Check out the job board here, or click on the graphic below.

This is the title section of the website for SpeedUpMyJobSearch, a national database for positions in all areas.

Week in and week out, we include them in our "Job Board Tuesday" post. Nice growth in opportunities this week. has over 1,300 openings this week!

Built in Chicago is another of our favorite boards to check. Here’s how they stack up this week. Well, look at that! They’ve grown to over 1,660 opportunities on their Job Board this week. Click on the graphic for the direct link. Nice growth here, too!

This is the logo and top of the home page for "Built in" As it says in the picture, this is the hub for Chicago startups and tech.

Also a consistent player in the Job Board Tuesday from week to week.
Built in’s Jobs are posted here.

We also like to show some love to the startup scene in Chicago, by pointing you at 1871. They usually have around 105 openings every week, and it usually stays fairly consistent from Job Board Tuesday to Job Board Tuesday.

Hmmmmmmm. Where should we turn our spotlight this week for the Niche Job Board of the Week?

Here’s one we’ve not checked in a while. Let’s take a look at the Job Board at workNET DuPage this Tuesday. This week, there are over 950 positions available in the database. Check them out if you live in their area.

workNET DuPage American JobCenter has a very focused and capable set of employees, that can help you free of charge on many aspects of the job search. They are the Niche Job Board of the Week for 12-22-2020.
workNET DuPage maintains a database of positions available in the western suburbs of Chicago.

So that’s Job Board Tuesday for 12-22-2020. Please send us an email at <> if you have ideas for a new Niche Job Board of the Week!

Thought for the post

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