Job Board Tuesday [Career Coach]

For December 15, 2020

Includes the Niche job board of the week: Logistics and Supply chain professionals

Author: Don Oehlert

Let’s take a look at some of the job boards we regularly follow, and then we’ll check out the Niche Job Board of the Week.

Before we get to that, let’s give a good thought or two to the 850,000 new laid off members of our communities. If you are now at work and need help, please send us your postings and we’ll push them out to our network free of charge.

Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog, you never know who’s reading us each week, so let’s give it the old college try! Send postings to <>, and we’ll get them out ASAP.

Hopefully you’ll both win.

The job search board called "".

Usually lists a lot of jobs - over 1,000 consistently.
Click the image above to go to the job board for SpeedUpMyJobSearch

Firstly, Speed Up My Job Search has 1,309 positions open this week. Up from the last time we checked. If you are a professional in any of these categories, check them out. If you are a good fit for any positions you find, please let me know – I can introduce you to the recruiter.

You can also search by state, if that’s better for you.

Categories of jobs available at

Next is the Job Board Tuesday for techies from BuiltInChicago. This job board is experiencing great growth, week over week!

Don’t think that if you’re not a techie that you’re not welcome. They have openings for marketing and sales, operations, product management, project management, HR, finance, and so on. The companies may be technically-focused, but the jobs are across the board.

There are now 1,688 jobs open all over the Chicago area:

Logo for the "" job board. They are seeing a resurgence of jobs available. Over 1,600 positions open this week.
Click the image above to go to the BuiltInChicago job board

Thirdly, it wouldn’t be job board Tuesday if we didn’t look into 1871, right? Even though they only have a few jobs (usually a handful over 100), they can be very rewarding. You can acquire a ton of experience in a very short time with a startup. Spice up your resumé – check out a startup!

This week, there are about 108 positions open:

Logo and click for the job board for this week. There are over 100 jobs available again this week. Startups can provide a lot of experiences in a short amount of time.
If you’d like to check out 1871’s job board, click here

Finally, here’s the Niche Job Board of the Week:

This is the JobsInLogistics header. JIL is the Niche Job Board of the week. Lots of postings here, too.
Niche Job Board of the Week – Jobs in Logistics and Supply Chain

This job board has job postings by specialty and location. It also has a large selection of blog posts to help logistics career folks.

Further, there is a long list of sponsoring companies, like TIMKEN, FedEx Ground, Agility Logistics. There are a few of recruiters listed as well.

Consider this – if your thing is moving things, buying things, storing things, purchasing or inventorying things, this job site is for you!

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#careercoaching #resumewriting #resumes #gethired #legal