[Career Coach] Pushy salesmen and unemployment. When it comes to job search, everyone likes to buy things…

close up of a pushy salesperson's hand, ready to shake on a deal. Don't be that pushy sales guy in job search.
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…but no one likes to be sold anything. You don’t like pushy salesmen, right? Don’t act like one when you are unemployed. Pushy salespeople reek of desperation, don’t they?

Given that, do you go to networking meetings with the idea that you’ve got to push your networking business card into as many hands as you can find, or do you want to make a new friend or two?

Relate that to a pushy salesman during your unemployment period. People don’t like it.

For me, no matter how desperate my unemployment situation becomes, I have to remain calm. If I don’t then the world wobbles off of it’s axis, and I’m in a deep funk.

How about you? How does desperation look for you? How does desperation look on you?

Can you smile (and mean it)? Can you attend a networking meeting and not become obnoxious or pushy/salesy? Can you meet a new person, and not have them feel “attacked”? Can you drive without a ton of road rage? Can you talk to your uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters (and so on) about your unemployment situation, and be comfortable about it? In other words, can you “own it” regarding your unemployment situation?

If you cannot, you need to step back, and take a look at the things you see. What does the world look like to you? Full of opportunities, or full of walls and blockades?

Where’s your head at? Have you grieved your job loss and moved on yet?

Do you see obstacles as a reason to quit, or as a reason to get going? As something that needs to be solved? As something you go through, over, under or around?

What I mean by that is, when you lose your job, you need to move through the 5 stages of grief that we all go through when we lose a loved one. It’s not always easy – in fact – it’s quite hard. Many times, we’ve built our reputations on what we do for a living. Understandable. It doesn’t do a darned thing to help you land your next job, but it’s understandable. You are human after all.

Sad mature businessman thinking about problems in living room. He's wondering whether his relatives and friends will see him any differently because he's unemployed
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Look at it this way. Do you feel embarrassed because your grandfather lived through the depression of the 1930’s, and had to eat in a soup line? Do you think anyone will remember in 10 years that you were unemployed right now, during a world-wide pandemic? Will you really still care? You may think about it once in a while, but it really won’t stop you from working, will it?

So I’d like to ask you to take a minute and think about your loved ones for a moment. Let’s say you have a healthy relationship with your 2 brothers, your S/O, your 2 kids, and your parents are still alive.

Do you think any of them care for you any less because you’re unemployed? Has your personal value dipped because you are out of work?

My guess is, because your relationship with them is healthy, that you are still just as loved as you were when you worked. They still feel you’re worthy of their attention, love and so on. In other words, you’ve not changed as a person due to your employment status.

Remember that as we prepare to go into the holiday season, so you can still search for a new job effectively.


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