[Career Coach]: Job board Tuesday

By: Don Oehlert

Managing Partner,

eCareerCoaching.com Legalshield Services

“Different is better than better.”
– Richard Gray

We translate your Unique Value Propositions into an exciting, vivid business premise. 

Press “Like” and “Share” so your network can see these ideas as well. You never know who in your network is looking for a new job right now.

You’ll be the one helping them.

1,159 openings on Speed Up My Job Search.com!

Indeed.com has over 600 jobs (before I stopped counting) within 100 miles of the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. The jobs fell into all categories, in all industries.


Find one that appeals to you, then make that a target company with your networking activities.

109 jobs at the startups that are incubating at 1871!

For those over 50 that feel that they are being discriminated against, check out the AARP.org job board. It’s huges. Here are the categories they have listed today:

Don’t forget to navigate to your target company’s website to search for positions there. Also, as a strategy, you may want to follow your target companies via Google Alerts, that will tell you they are looking for specific people, due to possible layoffs, etc. They may be consolidating roles. Alternatively, they may be expanding their workforce due to some expected growth, or the announcement of new products.

Your networking activities may be able to help with this as well. Keep your ear to the ground, and keep attending networking meetings. If you keep going, and keep giving, soon you’ll build a reputation that draws people to you. It doesn’t happen overnight, or at your first networking meeting – it takes quite a few.

Keep on going. Keep on giving.

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