Career Coaching: It’s Job Posting Tuesday

By: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner,

We translate your Unique Value Propositions into an exciting, vivid business premise. 

“Different is better than better.”
– Richard Gray

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We’re going to do something new this week. We’re going to combine the “Big 3” job boards we usually post separately into one post. We hope this makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

First, there’s BuiltInChicago. It’s size is growing again this week. There are over 1,520 jobs posted there:

Next is They have over 1,080 jobs available this week. A slight increase from last week!

For those of you with a startup bent, 1871 has over 100 jobs available in their incubator:

There is an article we read recently that puts the best job boards for fast hiring all in one place. They share a list of job boards, but then they also show you where to go if you are looking in a specific industry:

Even twitter has a way of listing job openings, so keep your thumb on that pulse, too. Use the hashtag “#jobs” in the search box.

We wish you the best of luck in your job search. If you need help preparing for your job search, we sell two books that can help immensely with your preparation steps. Including templates and so on, that help you get ready. See immediately below for more information.

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