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You are looking for a job. You see that big, juicy “Click here to apply” button on the screen.

What do you do?

If I were a betting man I’d put money on the idea that most of you would click it. Especially if you spotted that button on LinkedIn, and you saw the “Easy Apply” button right there. LinkedIn wouldn’t mislead you on how powerful their button is, would they?

Now – don’t get me wrong – some people actually do land an interview and possible even a gig from pushing that big, red button.

“My it looks so big, so inviting, and so convenient! Why do I have to do anything else?” you may say to yourself.

Well, while I’m all for trying to be towards the top of the stack when applying for jobs, you need to do a bit of preparation first.

How do you know whether this company would respect your contributions, especially in the way you’d make them? How do you know they aren’t a “report everything you do during the day – down to the number of coffee breaks you take.” and you are a “wild-wild west” kind of person. That’s a disconnect, and either you or your manager would not be happy with your performance. Then you’d be doing this job search thing all over again.

How do you know they’d appreciate your being over-qualified? How do you know you’d like to work for someone that’s half your age?

Listen, if getting a job were as easy as clicking that “Apply now” button, there would be no unemployment, and no open jobs week in and week out on our Job-Post Tuesday posts. Literally thousands of jobs we find and repost on Tuesdays.

I’m sure that many of them have that “Easy Apply” button on them.

Don’t click it.

Actually, do yourself a favor soon and click on the LinkedIn Resume Maker button. While it does indeed make a resume for you, it is very generic, and not so impressive.

It’s also waaaaaaay too long. Mine blew out to 8 pages. Yes, you read that right – 8 pages.

Now, I realize I’ve been around the block, but 8 pages? Nothing shouts “look at me!” like an 8-page resume.

In other words, you need to be able to slim your resume down to just those things that address the issues that were brought up during your initial research into this company. The job posting will help you very much in this regard. The words you need should all come from there.

8 pages? I still can’t get over that. Not sure any HR or hiring authority would be able to, either.

And that’s just one of the reasons why you want to think twice about just pushing that “Easy Apply” button. But it’s kind of important, don’t you think?

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes – how many 8-page resumes (or even 4-pagers) did you bother to read? Again, if I were a betting man, my thoughts would be “not very many.”

8 pages? Seriously?

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