Career Coaching: Interview prep

By: Don Oehlert

Managing Partner, Legalshield Services

“Different is better than better.”
– Richard Gray

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You’ve landed an interview. Great! Now, how do you get ready for it?

Well, there are any number of schools of thought on this topic and every career coach will have a different concept for you to consider. Since you’re here, reading my post, I’ll give you a good portion of my thoughts on the matter.

First, there are 6 questions you need to ask yourself, and then think about the answers for those questions.

  1. What have you been working on?
  2. The world is changing. Are you changing with it?
  3. Are you OK with not having all the answers?
  4. Are you a strong leader?
  5. Do you have strong decision-making skills?
  6. If you’re not working, how have you been spending your time?

Let’s keep this short this time.

This will be part of a 6-part series of posts on this topic

So first, “what have you been working on?”

Good question, when you think about it.

Have you been at home, sitting on your duff, collecting unemployment with those extra $600 that just ran out? Or have you been out there networking, reading up on articles important in your field, and studying your target companies? Have you been practicing your interview questions, and your answers to questions you know the interviewers will ask you?

Have you been working with a career coach? If so, what have you learned from him or her? If not, how are you keeping up on current resume styles, and current job search campaign methods?

You have several tools you should be working on and working with during your search campaign.

Do you have an Networking Brief (AKA: Handbill)?

Do you have a 15-second elevator pitch down?

Do you have a current resume that focuses on this position?

Do you have a good handle on what your brand’s promise is?

Do you have SAR stories that can be used to create all of your other tools?

Do you have a great cover letter?

How about Thank you note contents, or at least ideas?

Have you done any research at all on the target company you’re interviewing with today?

Do you have a friend that’s an HR person, that can work with you a tad, to help with your package of materials, and with whom you can practice your interviewing?

Do you know your Quantified Metrics that led to Business Drivers? Do you know the stories behind the Business Drivers you generated to create Business Movement? Can you shorten those stories down to sound bites or “bumper stickers?”

Have you identified somewhere around 100 companies that you would like to work for? Have you identified the appropriate person that would hire you if you were given a job there?

As you can see, there is much work to be done to prepare for an effective job search campaign.

Stay tuned for more in future posts.

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