What constitutes a job search “campaign?”

By: Don Oehlert

Managing Partner,

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– Richard Gray

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We are often asked to rewrite someone’s resume.

As a professional career coach, I’m very hesitant to do that, as it will more than likely underserve that client.

How do I mean?

In today’s economic situation, competition for a new position is extremely strong.

There are more accountants, marketing managers, VPs of various types, and directors of just about anything out there right now, even with the good news posted recently about 10.5 million new jobs being (re)created recently.

Even with this good news we know that a very high proportion of the American workforce is out of work at the moment, which means that whenever there is a posting for a good job, there are more than the normal amount of candidates applying.

Given that, a very effective job search requires much more than a good resume to be competitive. Hence my feelings of underserving clients with just a resume rewrite.

So then, what do I need?

Firstly, you must know what you do well, and what you like to do. They may not be the same set of activities. Make sure you know which are deal-killers, and which can be overcome by you.

Conversely, you need to know what you do NOT like to do.

How far from your home are you willing to travel to do a particular job?

What would other people say you were born to do?

What would you do for free?

What are you doing when you find yourself using your SuperPowers?

What is your elevator pitch? Is it shorter than 15-30 seconds? If not, why not?

Do you have cover letters and thank you note contents?

Do you have an effective follow-up tool or system?

Does your LinkedIn profile accurately reflect your professional history and your story?

Do you have a list of target industries/companies/positions identified?

Do you have an NDA and severance agreement you need to sign before getting your severance package?

Will you have an employment contract to sign when you start your new role?

These and many other questions must be answered in order to create a set of elite tools that will help you in your search for a great-fit position. When these questions are answered, you can come up with a unique brand, you can come up with an effective handbill, you can see how to decipher job postings, and so on.

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