Another new group to add to your repertoire

By: Don Oehlert

Managing Partner, Legalshield Services

“Different is better than better.”
– Richard Gray

We translate your Unique Value Propositions into an exciting, vivid business premise. 

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In case you’re not aware, there is a great incubator in the Chicago area called “1871.” 1871 is a public/private organization, helping small companies in the Chicago area. They also hold meetings on a regular basis, where you can meet the Founders that have gone through the 1871 platform, such as the folks that started and the team that launched the original Siri voice-recognition system. Many others in the tech, and non-tech space have been through there over the years.

What’s so great about 1871 us the mix of events and meetings that they facilitate or just host through other organizations.

They also have a job board with nearly 100 jobs posted right now:

If you’re interested in the strong networking you can do at their facility, review their event list here:

I highly recommend you taking a look at the huge number of possibilities available at 1871 today!

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