Personal Branding preso on Friday, August 28th, 2020 at 9 am (CT)

By: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner,

We translate your Unique Value Propositions into an exciting, vivid business premise. 

“Different is better than better.”
– Richard Gray

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We are honored to have been invited to speak to the workNET DuPage Job Club on Friday morning at 9 am. We’ll be talking about how personal branding can impact your job search positively. There is a way that Apple brands their products. And love it or hate it – Apple is the world’s second-most recognizable brand out there.

After 16 years of working there, Don will share a few thoughts and an example of how you can use Apple’s “not-so-secret methods” to help your personal brand stand out. But just as importantly, we’ll help you help yourself design and implement an effective personal brand.

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