Executives in Motion (EIM) Zoom meeting next Monday, 9 – 11 am (CT)

By: Don Oehlert
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Executives In Motion (Chicago) – Virtual Networking Event

About this Event

Network with Senior and Executive Level Professionals in Transition.

The Chicago chapter of Executives in Motion [EIM] holds virtual networking meetings monthly on the fourth Monday morning of each month from 9-11 am CST. The purpose of the meeting is to make meaningful connections to help senior and executive level professionals gain the connections they need to navigate career transition.

Executivesinmotion.com is a web-based membership and networking platform for senior and executive-level professionals who are in transition and want to fill up their pipeline of one-to-one networking meetings, interviews and job offers. We do this through on-line and live networking meetings; a variety of tools to help you become great at networking and interviewing; confidential job listings through search firms and employers, and the services of a variety of advisors who can give you the support you need.

Who can attend? EIM is open to any senior or executive-level professional looking to network into a new career opportunity. This is defined as recent responsibility at a director through C-level with 10+ years of experience.

Cost? Attendance at this event is free.

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