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People buy for one of two reasons. And only one of two reasons.

  1. They need something
  2. They want something
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With number 1, these are commodity products that solve a problem for you. You only replenish your supply of them when you are out of them. You are also most likely to look for the lowest-priced product in that category, since you don’t really want to buy it.

If my wife sends me to the store to purchase a 5-pound bag of sugar, it is most likely that I will dig around on the shelves until I find the least-expensive bag of sugar I can find. “What the heck? She’s just mixing it up with other ingredients to bake cookies.” I’ll say to myself.

Do you really think that the consumers of those cookies would really be able to tell the difference in the taste of sugar from the generic aisle, rather than the brand-name aisle?

I doubt it. Highly.

Considering number 2 though, these are “want items” that you really feel will give you a better life in some way. In those cases, you are willing to go beyond your budgeted amount.

Look at it this way – if all we needed to worry about with a “want item” were price, then why do you think that the luxury car brands are able to stay in business? Why does the TV set you can buy today go as large as it goes? How about the 37-room mansion? How about lobster and steak with a premium dessert, and really good coffee after dinner?

For those that can afford it, the want item is great, because they can see themselves in a more positive light when they own one of those. Or at least they think it will provide them a better life, anyway.

Why does this short missive belong on a career coach’s blog? Well, it’s simple actually. When you can present yourself as a business “want item,” the hiring authority may be able to find a few extra dollars in their budget to hire you.

Isn’t that the whole idea? Find a great job, and get a great salary?

Or at least, one you deserve.

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