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90 seconds can lead to a job.

Photo showcasing numerous analog clocks all presenting different times. This is to represent the idea of a short period of time, 4-7 seconds, that you have to grab someones attention.

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In today’s very busy world, resume screeners can only give your resume a reading time of 4-7 seconds. Period.

That’s all.

Truly it’s nothing personal, it’s just what screeners have to do to find candidates today. Generally they’ve got hundreds if not thousands of resumes to review to find a few good candidates to phone screen. Then a few less to video interview. Then fewer still to possibly invite to a public place to interview the manager of the group.

Because you get so little time, you have to make sure you are giving your “best stuff” up front to catch their eye right away. In fact, if you catch their eye in the first 4-7 seconds (about bumper sticker length), you’ll then get up to 90 seconds for a more complete review.

So given all of that, make sure your best results are up front;
– “Saved employer 37% on manufacturing costs by reducing the BOM contents.”
– “Overachieved quota 5 years running by 110%.”
– “Managed a team of 46 people, with an annual budget of $4.5 million.”
– “President’s Club winner, 3 years straight.”
– “Achieved Gold or better in internal training system, 48 straight quarters (12 years).”

As a result, you can see 4 seconds can turn into 90 in a hurry.

Consequently, 90 seconds can lead to an interview.

Really prepare for a good interview, and get a job offer.

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