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When you undertake a job search, you need to know a few things *before* you write a resume suitable for submission:

Who am I? We are not talking about the surface level of self-knowledge, but rather a deep understanding of what makes you tick. What do you like doing? How about what you love doing? What do you hate doing? What can you do if you really have to?

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Where do I want to live? Again, we need to dig into your true wants and needs in this arena. If you are just beginning a career, and are single with no kids, the allure of the big city may be your driving force. If you are mid-career with children to support, then a job outside the city in a close-by suburb may be more important to you.

Where do I want to work? Will it be in technology? Will it be in sales? Am I an accountant that likes the freedom of the smaller startup, or do I really want to work for the Big 4, and travel a lot? Are you an operations specialist? Do you love engineering? All these questions and more are important to craft the right presentation of yourself. Write your resume last, it will get done, but be neat about it.

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