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At we have a formalized methodology concerning the job search process. We’ve written an eBook about it entitled “The Not Just for Executives Guide to Job Search. The eBook is now shipping. Send an email to to get your copy. It’s $19.95. We accept PayPal and Venmo currently, and more payment options will be available soon.

We are working on assembling video coursework, whereby you can review our coaching offering at your own pace, in your own time, at your own home. There isn’t really a timetable for this yet, but know that we are working at a feverish pitch, writing the scripts for each segment right now.

All that said, any way you look at it, there are a number of concepts to learn about when you are job hunting. One of the initial questions we repeatedly get from our clients now – and those we have worked with since 2004 is – “when are we going to work on my resume?”

And we’ll agree – that’s the first thing that used to pop into our minds as well. At least before we learned that there are many steps to navigate before you get to the point where you can write an effective resume.

There are also many tools that need to be created to implement a successful job hunt or career search. We’ll go over some of them over the next few weeks as we advance through our 8-part series on career progression.

First in the series – Part 1:

As a refresher, the main point of the first week’s post was “When You’re in Job Search, You’re in Sales.”

In case you missed Part 1 or would like to re-read it, please click here:

Second post:

…you should know how to figure out what companies you should target, and why.

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Third post:

…you should know how to network effectively, and why you’re doing it.

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Fourth post:

…you should become better at interviewing as well.

In case you missed Part 4 or would like to re-read it, please click here:

Fifth post:

…We’ll show you how to outline your success stories in such a manner as to be compelling.

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Sixth Post:

…you should know how, how often – and when – to follow up on things.

In case you missed Part 6 or would like to re-read it, please click here:

Seventh post (last time):

…the difference between Positional and Informational Interviews.

In case you missed Part 6 or would like to re-read it, please click here:

Eighth post (this one, and the last in this series):

If you take the time to network your way into the company, you’ll come in the side door talking to the hiring authority directly. If you don’t, you can wait in that long line of applicants at the front door trying to get a meeting with HR. And remember – HR is there to cull you OUT of the running – and only let in what they perceive to be the BEST candidates.

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Now, if your resume is read by the HR folks, you get between 4 and 7 seconds to impress them.

That’s it. Make it worthwhile.

This makes a ton of sense, when you see numbers like those provided in the original post by Andrew. Which is linked at the end of this article.

The “spray-and-pray” method of job search is quite ineffective – only about 1-5% (depending on who’s numbers you believe) are hired as a result of applying via the big job boards. Conversely, 95-99% of all applications are ignored, and those people remain unemployed.

On the other hand, 70-80% of people that network effectively find their next job, or have one created for them, if their USP or UVP is strong enough.

There are strategies to avoid some of, if not all of, these issues.

Let’s try to cut down some of that frustration, and get you hired faster, by showing your unique capabilities, and finding the right person to speak with at your target companies. If you have an effective message, and you present it to the right person at the right time, your chances are greatly improved.

More than likely, you don’t know who knows your next boss – yet.

The points made in this LinkedIn article by @Andrew Seaman are spot-on:

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