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At, we have a formalized methodology concerning the job search process. We’ve also written an ebook about it, which is complete. We are shipping now. Send an email to It’s $19.95. We accept PayPal and Venmo currently, more payment options will be available soon.

We are working on assembling video coursework, whereby you can review our coaching offering at your own pace, in your own time, at your own home. There isn’t really a timetable for this yet, but know that we are working at a feverish pitch, writing the scripts for each segment right now.

All that said, any way you look at it, there are a number of issues to learn about when you are job hunting. One of the initial questions we repeatedly get from our clients now – and those we have worked with since 2004 is – “when are we going to work on my resume?”

And we’ll agree – that’s the first thing that used to pop into our minds as well. At least before we learned that there are many steps to navigate before you get to the point where you can write an effective resume.

There are also many tools that need to be created to implement a successful job hunt or career search. We’ll go over some of them over the next few weeks as we advance through our 8-part series on career progression.

First in the series – Part 1:

As a refresher, the main point of the first week’s post was “When You’re in Job Search, You’re in Sales.”

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Second post:

…you should know how to figure out what companies you should target, and why.

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Third post:

…you should know how to network effectively, and why you’re doing it.

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Fourth post:

…you should become better at interviewing as well

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Fifth post: (this time)

…We’ll show you how to outline your success stories in such a manner as to be compelling

In the world of job search, you need to set yourself apart from all of the other (fill in the blank) managers/directors/vps/CxOs out there that are going for this position that you’ve identified. As our quote from Richard Gray above, states: “Different is better than better.”

You may be asking yourself “what does that mean?” As we point out in our Job Search Guidebook (to get one, send an email to, there will be a ton of competition out there for each available job. Our eBook and coaching practice will help you stand out in the forest of other candidates out there.

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And given that there are over 40 million people out of work right now, that means there will be some number of people that are going for the same positions you’ll be going for.

That’s just a fact.

So what do you do about it? Firstly, you must network well. Specifically we talked about that in our third post in this series (see above for a link, or click:

Let’s assume you network well, and you are a good fit for a role with both your technical abilities to do the job. So you will now need to prove your fit for the role inside the company. In fact, a good manager will always be looking for people with a great set of skills to do the job, and for great people to work with. Ability to build consensus; skills for team-building; ability to get along great with all the people you’ll encounter day to day is key.

Thus it won’t matter if you are the world’s best accountant if you cannot get along with the people for whom you are the work product input. Further, if you always bring up issues with the people for whom your work product output is their input, well, sooner or later you’ll be seen as the problem. You’re the common denominator. You’re the problem, not all of the others…

In that case then, you’ll be looking for work – soon. If you are high enough in the ladder at your company, your manager may hint that it might be time you start looking. If you are not, you may be simply asked to leave this place – now. After this type of meeting, you may find a security person awaiting you at your desk or in your office.

Back to the positive news. How do we build a success story? There’s a quick formula you may have heard about. It’s called a “SAR Story.” SAR stands for:
Situation as I found it
Action I took
Result of my action

Also with this information, you will be able to boil down a (likely) very long story into a 3-5 second “WOW!” story. Something along the lines of a bumper sticker. Examples may be:
– Reduced time to market on new products 31.61%
– Increased sales velocity by 15.23%
– Grew territory revenue by double digits – 3 years running

You get the idea. Make those “Results” statements short and sweet, to match the attention span of the world today. If you can prove that you did some really great things over a long stretch of time for someone else, then you can probably replicate that success for me.

To build a great set of success stories, you need to be able to quantify your successes. To be able to build a career, you need to network well. If you read our Job Search Guidebook, you see we all it “quantify X 3. Network X 3.” At least.

Upshot? Hit me with your best shot. Then another. Then another. Finally, one more.

Future posts in the series will include:

you should know how, how often – and when – to follow up on things.

…the difference between Positional and Informational Interviews.


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