Announcing the completion of our first eBook – now on sale

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The initial product family

We are pleased to announce that our first eBook has been completed, and is ready for sale. For now, the book is available here: The 129-page Executive’s Guide to Job Search is $19.95, and the 16-page Companion Workbook is $9.95.

The Exec Job Search Guidebook has 5 chapters full of information you need to know to:

  • The New Rules of the Job Search…
    • Should I scatter-shot, or should I rifle-shot my efforts?
    • What about the big Job Boards?
  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition/Unique Value Proposition?
    • What is your unique Brand Promise?
    • Be gentle with your Brand out there…
  • What 11 documents do you need to prepare?
    • How and when to use each of the 11 documents you need…
    • How do “Bumper stickers” relate to Job Search
  • Two different types of interviews…
    • Researching companies in preparation for interviews
    • Research tools
    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Google yourself
  • How to network correctly – it’s not what you think it is, and it doesn’t need to be slimy.
  • What are the steps to success in job search?
  • Quantified Metrics lead to Business Drivers, which result in Business Movement
  • The 1836 Rule
  • When you’re in Job Search, you’re in sales (hang with us here – again – you don’t have to be slimy at all)
  • Designing and creating effective Job Search messages and materials
  • What are the tools in the toolbox?
  • WIIFM…
  • Your job search campaign
  • Tracking your activities

The “Unemployment Numbers Misleading” paper is free, as is the “Finding Your True North” instrument.

Thank you in advance for purchasing and reading our book and job-search materials, and we look forward to helping you through your job search at some future point.

To get to know yourself better from a personal standpoint, please drop us an email for your free copy of our “Finding Your True North” instrument. In it are 36 questions that will help you understand what makes you tick, so that you can better prepare for a job search, or decide whether you should go for that promotion.

Email <>, or ask for it at <>.

This is the cover of our 36-question introspection study. It's called "Finding Your True North," and is available for free for the asking.

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