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You need to have many opportunities at the top of the funnel, so that the right one comes out the bottom.


Why should I spend the money and take the time to learn your way of career progression?

We are often asked why should you take the time to learn our specific system for career progression. It’s a fair question, frankly. For example, if you don’t know how to look for a career position correctly, many times you will end up in the wrong position. Has that ever happened to you?

Further, most people have not really prepared themselves for their job search. This is akin to taking a trip “out west” and just guessing where you’re going without for a specific route. You may have promised the kids that you’d be looking for a specific place to tour, for instance. How about Grand Canyon, kids?

You’ve only got a week to get there, do your touring, and get back. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you may never get there. You may miss the Meteor Crater. Maybe you miss going to the bottom of Grand Canyon to visit the Havasupi Native American Nation. You may miss the Petrified Forest attraction.

All because you didn’t have a detailed plan.

Like the Boy Scouts, you must be prepared

Know this – when it comes to career search, most people will wing it. People have always used their own versions of how to perform a career search. Usually for the majority, that method almost always worked. It may not have been the perfect company, or the perfect job, but they’ve sold themselves on the offer without doing enough due diligence. If it’s a big miss in either department, they will be fired or quit within 6-12 months of their start date.

And then the job search starts all over for them.

So what? you may say. Well, in this day and age, with all the new competition out there as a result of the approximately 36 million layoffs and furloughs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, you must always be on your game. You must use your branding statements carefully out there. You never know who knows your next boss.

And yes, we are able to help you come up with 3-10 word branding statements about your career that you can use while you’re searching. These short, pithy statements will help people know how to help you.

As we talked about yesterday, most new people will make a first impression of you within 1/10th of 1 second. Yet their initial impression can change within the next 2-4 seconds.

There are more things to consider in terms of how long things can take… Most resume screeners give you 7 seconds when they peruse your resume. However, if they don’t see something they like within that first 7 seconds, they move on to the next one in the ATS queue. You just came up to bat, and struck out in 3 quick pitches. All without taking a single swing at the ball.

However, if you engage them for that amount of time, your resume may get 90 more seconds. If you get that minute and a half and they like what they see, you have a good chance to be called in for an interview. This is the good part. Hopefully you’ve done your background research into the company, hiring manager, and the position itself. This ensures that you’re ready with great questions and insights you can share with the interviewing team.

Other questions

question marks on paper crafts indicate the questions we want you to ask about yourself should you choose to learn this method
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We are also asked at many networking/job club gatherings we attend and at presentations we’ve given, whether people should include a cover letter with their resume submission.

We’ve always answered “yes”. Many recruiters (about 70%) will give “extra points” for a good cover letter, even if it is not asked for specifically in the job posting.

Final thought for today

Here’s the final thought for today regarding time and process structure. Most structured networking sessions give you 2 minutes per person at a table. If you take the entire 2 minutes to give your elevator pitch, you won’t leave time for feedback from others at the table. Practice your elevator pitch until it takes no more than 30 seconds. So, if you can’t see how to do that, let us know. We can get this done with you.

You need to think bumper stickers. 3-10 impactful words that will resonate with the others at the table. It will also be a standout presentation, because everyone else will probably ramble through their entire career history in 2 minutes, putting most others at the table to sleep.

And the whole idea with our process is to find a way to make you stand out from all of the other folks that are going for this particular position. Unique Value Propositions sell.

When you’re in job search, you’re in sales.



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