Job Search numbers to note

Compiled by: Don Oehlert,
Sr. Managing Partner

POSTED BY: Don Oehlert
Managing Partner,

Legalshield Services

“Practical advice on your next career move.”

Here are 24 numbers and related thoughts that you need to keep in mind as you begin planning or implementing your next job search:

  1. If you make $100,000/year, you are losing roughly $2,000 per week for every week you’re out of work. Every week. That’s about $400 per day. Every day
  2. The average resume reader (human) spends about 7 seconds on your resume. If they don’t see something they like by that point, they move to the next resume
  3. If you do get their attention beyond that first 7 seconds, they’ll decide whether or not to bring you in for an interview within the next 90 seconds
  4. The average American is pummeled by over 3,000 advertising and marketing messages in a typical day
  5. The average American office worker sends 40 and receives 90 emails per day
  6. Worldwide, there are over 74 trillion emails sent annually
  7. 76% of all American workers check their email while on vacation (2018 numbers)
  8. In 2020, over 306.4 billion emails will be sent every day. ~55% will be SPAM
  9. The average American’s attention span is about 28 seconds long
  10. The length of an Informational Interview should be 20 minutes
  11. The average length of a Positional Interview is 40 minutes
  12. The average length of a job search these days is about 20 weeks (before the COVID-19 pandemic hit), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  13. An average job searcher has about 10 interviews before s/he lands a new job
  14. It takes about 100 companies on your target list to get 10 interviews
  15. Is your customized resume longer than 2 pages? Shouldn’t be
  16. Do you include a 1-page cover letter with your resume submissions? Say yes
  17. 83% or recruiters will give someone a chance based on a great cover letter
  18. A majority of hiring managers – 77% – give preference to candidates that submit cover letters, even if they are optional in submission forms
  19. How many seconds long is your elevator pitch? More than 30? That’s too long
  20. How many words are on a bumper sticker? 2-6
  21. How many opportunities was a recent <>  client juggling within his first 30 days after we started the engagement? 43
  22. How many opportunities do you need to pan out? 1
  23. How many people find their next job from job boards? 2-5%
  24. How many people find their next job while networking? 70-85%
  25. (OK – there are 25) How many questions are there on the Introspection/Intake Worksheet? 36

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