Monthly Archives: April 2020

State income tax deadline 2020: New due dates – Business Insider repost

By: Tanza Loudenback Since the IRS has pushed back the federal tax date to July 15, many states have put their deadlines at this date (or later) as well. The story below spells it out for each state in the USA. Make sure you know when yours is, so there are no surprises. for you […]

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How Can You Spot Really Good Leaders? They Practice Any of These 5 Communication Habits Daily – repost

Never overlook the power of clear communication that gets results. By Marcel Schwantes Founder and Chief Human Officer, Leadership From the Core If you are a manager of people at whatever level, the tips in this post can help you manage better. Well, at least with more authenticity. As a leader or business owner, you’ve probably […]

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