Looking for Work? Here’s Who’s Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak – Money repost

by: Kristenleebahler

There are always jobs available, even during bad situations where we find ourselves now. They may not be our preferred posting, but they may help keep the lights on until your usual jobs come back. And they will come back, someday, and somehow.

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COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our daily lives — and jobs are no exception.

On Thursday morning, the Department of Labor released its latest jobless claims numbers, revealing that a staggering 3.3 million people filed during the week ending March 21st. Even during the worst weeks of the great recession (2007-2009), those numbers never reached the one-million mark.

“Last week provided our first indication of just how severe the shutdown of the U.S. economy could be, as Americans combat the ongoing spread of the coronavirus,” says Mike Fratantoni, Chief Economist for Mortgage Bankers Association.

As mass layoffs lead to hardships for American households, some companies are actually ramping up hiring to keep up with unexpected demands brought on by the crisis. Here’s the latest on who’s hiring and how to apply.

Food, grocery, and product delivery


Openings: 100,000

Pay: Starting at $17/hour

How to Apply: Online

Amazon’s new openings are full and part-time roles at delivery networks and fulfillment centers. The surge in demand is due to the number of people resorting to online shopping as a necessity during quarantine.


Openings: 300,000

Pay: $14/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Grocery startup Instacart plans to fill 300,000 shopper positions during a three-month period. The states that will see the largest hiring will be California with 54,000, followed by New York with 27,000 new shopper jobs, according to a press release.

Pizza Hut

Openings: 30,000

Pay: $9/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Pizza Hut is carrying out an aggressive recruitment process, looking to train new delivery drivers in a matter of five hours. They’ve also made it a point to emphasize how they’re now carrying out contact-less deliveries for sanitary safety — meaning orders are left at the front door to maintain social distancing.

Papa John’s

Openings: 20,000

Pay: $8/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s is seeing a surge in delivery orders, and is looking to hire drivers in several states.


Pay: $11/hour average

How to Apply: Online

As the need for deliveries has increased, so have the opportunities for couriers. On-demand platform Postmates delivers everything, according to their website. With the threat of the coronavirus, the company has posted guidelines on its website to ensure the safety of couriers and clients alike. 

Uber Eats

Pay: $10/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Food delivery is one of the fastest growing commodities, given our current crisis. As a result, Uber Eats has reported an increase in demand. If you’re interested in applying to become a driver, remember to check if Uber Eats is available in your city.


Pay: $11/hour average

How to Apply: Online

DoorDash is lending a hand to restaurant workers who are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. As such, they’ve created a priority access program for restaurant employees to sign up and begin working as Dashers until their industry returns to normal.

Hungry Howie’s

Pay: Up to $15/hour

How to Apply: Online

Pizza chain Hungry Howie’s has 2,000 available delivery driver positions in all its 550 locations. According to a company representative, these positions will be permanent and located across 21 states.

Brick and Mortar Jobs

CVS Health

Openings: 50,000

Pay: Varies depending on the department

How to Apply: Online

Given the high demand of basic necessities like toilet paper, cleaning products, and medication, CVS is offering full-time, part-time, and temporary positions. They include store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and customer service professionals. The company is planning on filling these openings using online platforms for job fairs and interviews, according to an announcement on their website.


Openings: 9,500

Pay: $10/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Walgreens has also seen an increase in demand, and is currently hiring across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. Most of the open positions are for customer service associate roles.


Openings: 150,000

Pay: Varies depending on the role

How to Apply: Online

Walmart is carrying out a hiring drive for its stores, clubs, and distribution centers. Positions will be temporary at first but may become permanent over time, according to a news release posted on their website.

Dollar General

Openings: 50,000

Pay: Varies

How to Apply: Online

Dollar General stores have remained open, albeit with adjusted operating hours. The first hour of business is exclusive for senior clients, and stores are closing an hour early to allow time to clean and restock. The company is striving to fill all these positions by the end of April in over 15,000 stores located across the U.S.


Openings: 10,000

Pay: $15/hour average

How to Apply: Online

Kroger is offering full and part-time positions. The hiring is moving quickly, as the company has expressed that candidates may be hired within a few days of applying.


Openings: 20,000

Pay: $9/hour average

How to Apply: In-store or online

Convenience stores like 7-Eleven have seen some of the biggest increases in demand throughout the pandemic crisis. According to a statement from the company, these new openings are for positions that will ensure stores remain sanitized and stocked.

Remote and Gig Work


Pay: Varies on position

How to Apply: Online

Zoom Video is being used by so many who need teleconferencing to work from home that the company’s stock has doubled since the beginning of the year. Currently, they are hiring professionals for business solutions, tech support, customer service, among others. Some of the available positions can be performed from remote locations, according to the listings.


Pay: Varies on position

How to Apply: Online

Just like Zoom, Slack has seen a spike in user growth as more people have joined for instant messaging among coworkers. A lot of workers have been forced to go remote and platforms such as Slack have allowed a smoother transition. They are currently seeking candidates for a variety of positions, some of which can be performed remotely.


How to Get Started: Join the platform to become a “seller” 

Fiverr is a user-friendly platform that connects people offering a wide array of services —ranging from logo design, social media management, and data entry, to voiceovers, SEO, and translations—to new clients. Joining is easy with a Facebook or Gmail account.


How to Get Started: Sign up online

Upwork is a freelancing platform that serves as a middleman between professionals and businesses. A large number of companies look for talent on Upwork, so there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers with web development, design, writing, legal, and other skills.


How to Get Started: Sign up online

TaskRabbit offers consumers the opportunity to reach qualified professionals for one-off gigs. Offering everything from handyman work to general domestic help, TaskRabbit can connect taskers to new clients in a matter of hours. To join, users are required to pay a $25 fee that is non-refundable

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