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Pymetrics is a tech startup that uses behavior science and AI to help companies and job seekers find the right fit in the hiring process. CEO and co-founder Frida Polli says the company can solve problems with efficiency, lack of success and unconscious bias in the traditional hiring process.

Today’s post is actually a video on’s site. It provides an interesting look at AI in the human resources department, and how it can remove human bias from the recruiting/hiring process.

When only people are involved, there is always bias in hiring decisions – always. Simply put, hiring managers and recruiters are people, and it has been proven time and again through statistically-significant testing methods that people have natural tendencies to be drawn to other people that are like themselves in some way or another. This is not to say that the similarity might, or might not, be their shared university education or the mutual love of history.

We all have some sort of natural biases, and we believe that others with our same characteristics will be employees that we can trust more quickly, because we believe that since we are made of the “right stuff” so will our favorite candidates.

This does not necessarily mean we are intentionally not hiring good employees that are different from ourselves. With algorithms, we can remove human bias entirely because the machine running the hiring algorithm isn’t human at all.

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We help translate your skills into a vivid story that clarifies your personal, *valuable* business proposition.

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