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–By: Cameron Albert-Deitch
Reporter, Inc.

When you are considering a job change, or making a job search, it is best to consider how your talents will apply in the hottest industries. This is a nice, short post on those industries, according to inc.com.

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Good morning,

For a lot of entrepreneurs, making the decision to launch a company isn’t the hard part; the trouble starts when you start to sort out the details. Like when you have an idea for an absolutely brilliant product… only to discover fairly quickly that few customers are lining up to buy said product. 

That’s why Inc. has spent the past couple months speaking with industry experts and crunching the latest data to create our report on the Best Industries of 2020: a detailed breakdown of the eight industries most primed for great new entrants and a breakout year.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Clean water services
Gender-neutral personal care
Gun violence prevention
Healthier junk foods
Next-wave logistics
Pet wearables
Space technology
Sustainable consumer goods

You may not be surprised to find some of these industries on this list. Clean water services, for example, has been bubbling up since the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, began five years ago. In fact, one of the industry’s hottest startups–120 Water Audit, based in Zionsville, Indiana–launched specifically in response to the Flint crisis. At the time, co-founder Megan Glover couldn’t find an affordable way to test her own city’s drinking water. So, she created one. 120 Water Audit booked $3.3 million in revenue last year, has clients in 14 states, and boasts $9.4 million in venture capital.

Other industries on this list feel more unexpected. Space technology, for example, seems dominated by well-funded startup giants like SpaceX and Blue Origin–until you learn that space tech involves a whole lot more than launching rockets. For example: In 2016, ex-NASA employee Payam Banazadeh co-founded Capella Space, a San Francisco-based startup that aims to send 36 high-powered, backpack-sized satellites into space over the next few years. Why? To help track supply chains, monitor crop health, and provide real-time information for government agencies and first responders. In other words, Capella hopes to predict the future and help save lives.

It’s a lofty goal. Here’s the exciting part: You could join Capella, 120 Water Audit, and other nascent startups on the ground floor. So, check out the full report. You’ll learn exactly how these eight industries are prepared to welcome tomorrow’s fastest-growing startups.

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