This Company Pays Its Employees $7,500 If They Really Go Off the Grid on Vacation – Working Mother post

Their goal is to re-energize staffers and encourage an actual break from work.

By: Quinn Fish

The on-going thought in the working world today is, “can I really disconnect from work when I’m on vacation?” Most of us cannot seem to do that, but this company actually pays their employees a $7,500 bonus to do just that. If you do not check work email/slack/voicemail, you’ve earned the bonus.

And yes, they are hiring!

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As companies fight to attract talented applicants, offering enticing benefits is a surefire way to catch potential employees’ eyes—but some seem just too damn good to be true. For example: this Denver-based company pays its workers to take vacations. But hey, all in the name of happy employees, right? 

Technology company FullContact’s perk is so outlandish, it’s too valuable to pass up. Employees of the cloud suite-selling company are paid $7,500 for a vacation if they actually make an effort not to do any work on said vacation. They’re calling it a “paid paid vacation.”

As unbelievable as it sounds, they really seem to be pulling through with their promise. To meet the requirements of the fully paid break, employees must not check work emails, texts or calls; must absolutely do no work at all; and must take an actual trip. While there’s no real way to check if the employee is off the grid completely, they take radio silence via email, Slack channels and other communication channels as proof enough. 

The break is for one full week and is extended to everyone at FullContact. All of the company’s employees are full-time and while Denver is the only office, employees work in all 50 states, so they’re used to working remotely.

The catch? Well, we haven’t found one yet. In fact, the company’s program has been implemented for a few years now and many of the company’s 198 employees have taken the paid paid vacation. 

Jake Cohen, FullContact’s director of marketing, said people generally find the first few days of the vacation more difficult than the rest, which makes sense.

FullContact is definitely onto something. It’s not easy to completely check out from work while away, and even when we do try, it proves unsuccessful. The point of the program is to re-energize workers and make them feel comfortable taking a full vacation without having to worry about work and missed emails. And yes, they’re hiring.

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