Monthly Archives: December 2019

U.S. Job Cuts, Job Claims And Job Creation: The Labor Economy Doing Just Fine – Seeking Alpha article

By: Tim Worstall Even though this article was written at the end of CQ3 of this year, it contains a ton of great information. In a nutshell, there are always economists that look at various indicators and believe a recession is “right around the corner,” and others that look at those same indicators and say […]

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Here’s how to fix the disability pay and employment gaps – The Independent article

It’s time to extend gender pay gap reporting to cover disabled and black and minority ethnic workers who suffer significant discrimination in the workplace  By James Moore | Chief Business Commentator | Monday 2 Dec 2019  It’s challenging enough going through life with disabilities, but to also be discriminated against in the working world due […]

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So You Want to Learn a New Skill. Here’s How to Find the Time – article

By: Mandy Gilbert Founder and chief executive, Creative Niche If you, like me, are an entrepreneur, you may find it overwhelming some days to try to “learn it all,” all at once. I can relate to the story she tells about having too many tabs open in my browser. Mandy walks us quickly through this […]

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