Forget Recession — Here’s Why We Could See A 20-Year Bull Market – Investor’s Business Daily article

ALEXIS GARCIA | Nov 7, 2019

Reports Of Recession Ignore Current Stock Market Data

According to some recent news reports, the economy is headed for a recession. But the major indexes continue to reach record highs. Dorsey says this dissonance is a reminder of why it’s crucial to refer to chart data as a current stock market indicator instead of the media. “The market loves to climb a wall of worry,” Dorsey states. “You have to have a soulless barometer to look at and to understand and guide you.”

The seasoned investing pro said he believes we’re at the start of a 20-year bull market. Make sure to listen to (or watch) the full episode for all the key details of Dorsey’s bullish stance.

Investing Like A Baseball Manager

Dorsey, who is known for his point-and-figure investing strategy, says that measuring relative strength is key to understanding long-term trends in the current stock market. While relative strength trends can be slow to develop, they allow investors to manage their stocks like a baseball manager — giving individual stocks time to work through pullbacks before pulling them out of rotation.

Dorsey also shared insights about three income plays he’s watching: Gladstone Investment stock, BlackRock Enhanced Equity stock and Rexford Industrial Realty stock. Basic analysis and charts are below, but the complete episode contains Dorsey’s analysis in full.

Gladstone Investment Stock

Gladstone Investment stock is a great example of a closed-end fund, says Dorsey. He adds that 

Gladstone Investment is a great way to develop income with relatively low volatility. “You want your pie on the table, and not in the sky,” Dorsey states. He also adds that closed-end funds can act as collateral for other investments.

BlackRock Enhanced Equity Stock

BlackRock Enhanced Equity stock has performed at a high level, Dorsey says. The stock can also be used to enhance income by renting it out through covered writes. Dorsey says using methods like covered writes allows you to adopt a neutral investment strategy while maintaining your dividends in BlackRock Enhanced Equity stock.

Rexford Industrial Realty Stock

Dorsey describes Rexford Industrial Realty stock as a strong company in the real estate market. Investments in a REIT like Rexford Industrial Realty are a great way to diversify your portfolio and earn steady returns, he says.

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