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Resume and glasses

Our specialty is business resumes and career progression consulting. If you’re in education (a teacher, professor, or administrator), we probably aren’t the right group for you. If you’re a government employee, we probably aren’t the right choice for you either. There’s a world of difference between a business resume and an educator’s CV. We simply don’t specialize in CVs and government resumes.

But if you’re in business, we’re the exact right fit. We’ve done resumes for all levels in an organization, from the guy that pushes the broom in the warehouse to the CxO.

Our main philosophy is based on “when you are in job search, you’re in sales” (even if you are not a salesperson). We’ll talk about that extensively during the process of preparing your tool set. And we’ll show you how to represent yourself so you don’t come across as one of those pushy sales guys no one wants to be around. But the tactics and follow up skills of a professional salesperson are what we’re talking about. You’ll also get a whitepaper that explains our philosophy as a part of your paid subscription.

We’ll also keep your resume on file in a Google Drive folder that only you and eCC will have access to. When you want to change jobs next time, we’ll already have your base resume available for your new search. Given that, the fee for the subsequent job search process paperwork is reduced. Many people will find that they are able to rewrite their own resume the next time, based on our time together the first time.

The coaching sessions will still be available to you, as well, should you desire.

So again – let’s get started. Book time with us directly below, or you can email me specifically at “” and we’ll get you on your way.

Be found. Get hired. Faster.

Don Oehlert
Managing Partner
(312) 869-4832

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  1. WOW! Just read this and want to say what a FINE idea, and so well written! ­ of course you would be great at it with your listening skills, experience, good humor, and compassionate heart.

    Good for you! Muchas gracias and hugs, Bon

  2. Thank you Bonnie, for the positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we’re doing. If you know anyone in job search, please have them let us know how to help them.

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